Iowa's Jameer Outsey Moves To Tight End

Iowa has moved linebacker Jameer Outsey to the tight end position.

The first announcement of Fall camp from Iowa Hawkeye head football coach Kirk Ferentz was about the outlook on redshirt freshman Jameer Outsey of Somerset, New Jersey.

Originally a three-star defensive end prospect in the 2014 class according to Scout, Outsey played as a linebacker during his redshirt year with the Hawkeyes. Listed at 6-foot-3 and 235 pounds, Outsey resumed linebacker duties in the Spring, but will now call a new position home.

"Jameer Outsey has moved from the linebacker position over to tight end, so he's been working there," Ferentz announced on Saturday afternoon. "Three practices into it now."

Ferentz later alluded to some of the reasoning in moving Outsey away from the linebacker spot, mentioning some limitations in his game that would make it difficult for him to emerge in that role.

"I was going to throw the Dallas Clark analogy out," the Hawkeye head coach shared about Outsey. "That's not fair for anybody. He was doing okay at linebacker, showed some good attributes, but as far as really being able to play the game at that position the way we'd hoped, probably not. His growth potential I think is going to limit him at linebacker."

"So we've had a discussion with him and we've tailed about defensive end, tight end, and his preference was offense," Ferentz added. "Right along with that, we have a real need right now. We've got a couple seniors that are going to graduate at that position, and again, based on three days of watching him, I think he's got the potential to be a good football player at that position. Now we've got to try to push him forward here and see how he does."

Another Hawkeye making the move from linebacker to tight end is actually assistant LeVar Woods. He coached the linebackers the last three seasons and will embark on his first season managing the tight ends this Fall.

He's been impressed with the transition Outsey has made based off the first few days of fall camp.

"I have been telling everyone and making jokes that moving Jameer (Outsey) to tight end was a way for them to make me feel comfortable," Woods said. "He's been doing a great job. For a guy that doesn't have a lot of experience and hasn't done it since high school, and hasn't done it here at Iowa until camp this year, he's done a good job."

"You have to know everything as a tight end," Woods continued. "You have to be able to do it all. We have to spoon-feed him a little bit. We'll see what comes of it. So far, so good."

New tight end assistant LeVar Woods also described some of the traits and skills that they had noticed in Outsey in believing that a transition to tight end could be beneficial to both him and the team's success.

"He does have pretty good hands," Woods noted. "You ever seen his hands? They're gigantic. He's long-bodied, and has long arms. He can run very well and catch very well. That's kind of what we saw to believe it was something he could do."

Outsey himself has been more than willing to take on the new role and responsibility.

"I left it all up to Coach Ferentz," Outsey told Scout. "He sat me down and said that it was something they were looking at. He said it was best for the team so I was behind it 100 percent. I'm comfortable with it. I played linebacker and tight end in high school. It's not like a whole new thing."

"Tight end is fun to me. I like catching passes. I like blocking every now and then. I like scoring. All of that is fun to me. I'm totally behind the move."

The new tight end mentioned some of the challenges he's been presented it with so far in his transition, and how he plans to overcome them.

"The meetings are very fast-paced," Outsey shared about the new position room and group he's joined. "They're all in there and they're flying through everything. You just got to take it all in as fast as you can and ask questions. Once you start playing and getting repetitions and doing it yourself, it slows down a little bit. You start to understand the concepts and ideas that they're trying to get to. I would say the meetings are fast, but once you're out there actually doing it, it's not as hard as you think."

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