OC Greg Davis' Analysis of Iowa Offense

Iowa Hawkeyes offensive coordinator Greg Davis analyzes the offense during Fall Camp.

As with many coaches around the country, after every season Iowa Hawkeyes offensive coordinator Greg Davis sits down and analyzes all the numbers and all the angles of his offense's campaign. He tries to figure out what went wrong, and what went well in order to prepare for the next year.

He shared his insights on why he began to do this, what he gains from it, and how he interprets the data.

"It is all about finding an obvious answer to our goals," Iowa's quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator said. "We want to win ball games. How we do that is all that is important. From a purely offensive standpoint, when we set out and looked at all the numbers after the season, I almost became like a CPA (certified public accountant). I crunched the numbers and found out a whole lot of good things about last year's unit."

The Hawkeyes didn't exactly light up the scoreboard last year, but they did shine in a few particular areas. A couple statistical categories showed Iowa near the top in the league.

"We averaged 400 yards a game offensively," Davis pointed out. "We were also third in the Big Ten in third down conversions at 44.8 percent. Those were the positive things that really jumped out to me."

The Iowa coaching staff probably wishes there were several other offensive numbers that jumped out, but Davis didn't go on beyond those couple.

He instead looked at a couple alarming numbers that can be seen as causes of the failures that occurred, and what some of the roots to their problems have been.

"We didn't do a good enough job in the red zone," the Iowa assistant explained. "We have to do a better job in the red zone of one, taking care of the ball because we had a couple turnovers in the red zone, and also getting six instead of three. That was a big part of our offseason study and discussion. We got to get better at (those areas)."

Davis alluded to Beathard's arm strength as an asset to the team this upcoming season, and described how that may assist them in converting their drives into more touchdowns rather than field goals.

"The thing with C.J. (Beathard) is, his ability to stretch the field a little bit more," he noted. "We're looking at a few different ways to try to give him an opportunity to take advantage of his strengths. We've seen his growth in leadership. He's much more vocal now. He's taking charge. (Him not being in a position battle) clears the air, no question about it."

They've addressed and pinpointed the areas of weakness, and now it will be about employing plans to address those issues, putting the right players in place, and having them execute it.

Judging from last Saturday's scrimmage, the Iowa staff has yet to reach the point to where they feel comfortable about where they're at in that process, but they're on the right track.

"As long as we are gaining ground, that's the big thing, and I think we are right now," stated head coach Kirk Ferentz after last Saturday's scrimmage.

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