Iowa coach Greg Davis sums up Fall Camp

Iowa offensive coordinator Greg Davis shares his thoughts on his offensive unit after seeing them in action throughout Fall camp.

Iowa offensive coordinator met with the media following an early practice on Monday, and shared some information about his unit. It's all included in the video above, but some highlights of what he had to say are shown below.

*They're still playing with some different combinations along the offensive line. Cole Croston has bounced around at both the offensive tackle spots. Sean Welsh, James Daniels, Jordan Walsh, and Eric Simmons are all getting time at guard. It sounds like Simmons will back up Blythe at center as well.

*Davis also confirmed that Boone Myers is still the starting left tackle, while Ike Boettger is still the right tackle. Cole Croston is just bouncing around and getting time to serve as the primary back-up for both.

*He said that both the offensive tackles responded well to the struggles from the scrimmage at Kids' Day inside Kinnick Stadium. 

*They had very few mental errors as an offense during Friday night's scrimmage. Davis feels like they're getting closer to where they want to be for the opener.

*There could be some new wrinkles to the offense according to coach Greg Davis. They had a big play just today that included a ball from C.J. Beathard to Matt VandeBerg. George Kittle has also had several explosive plays, and Tevaun Smith as well. There's more of an opportunity to be a more explosive offense this year Davis mentioned, and Beathard looks for them a bit more.

*Iowa obviously likes to play with their tight ends, but they've also played some with both fullbacks according to Davis, and some of that has to do with the loss of tight end Jake Duzey. 

*They are still deciding on what freshmen will play, and what freshmen won't, but James Daniels is a guy that deserves some conversation to play right away according to Greg Davis. Being here last Spring helped him understand the speed of the game, and it's made him more comfortable than some of the other young guys on the team. 

*No decision on who the third-string quarterback is has been made by the coaching staff. They do travel all of their quarterbacks to all the games just so they have the experience.

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