DC Phil Parker Sums Up The Iowa Defense

Iowa defensive coordinator Phil Parker discusses what the depth chart could look like on the defensive side of the ball, standouts, and more.

Iowa defensive coordinator Phil Parker met with the media following an early practice on Monday, and shared some information about his unit. It's all included in the video above, but some highlights of what he had to say are shown below.

*Cole Fisher has crept into the starting unit and is one of the top three linebackers on the team. He's at will linebacker, while Josey Jewell is the LEO and Ben Niemann is the Mike linebacker. It comes as a bit of a surprise, as linebacker Bo Bower was one of the standouts at the scrimmage open to the public.

*Parker said that he feels pretty good about the linebacker core right now, but they haven't played different opponents so he's waiting to see more. 

*They have some safeties that love to hit this year in Jordan Lomax and Miles Taylor. The secondary is an experienced unit when you couple those two along with cornerbacks Desmond King and Greg Mabin.

*Brandon Snyder is the backup for Jordan Lomax. Sean Draper will add depth at cornerback. Secondary has the best depth they've had in a while according to Parker.

*They feel good about the first two-deep across the defensive line. They lost some superb defensive tackles from a year ago, but the Iowa staff feels good about where they are at that spot right now. 

*Drew Ott has become a leader for some of the younger guys in how he practices and how he works. Not by his words, because he isn't all that vocal, but how to conduct yourself and what to do to become a better player.

*Other good leaders he mentioned were Josey Jewell, Nate Meier, Jordan Lomax, and Desmond King.

*Some freshmen could play for Iowa this year, whether that be on special teams or impacting the game on defense. They still have to figure those things out and come to a conclusion, but there's a few that could. They have to think of who could not only contribute this year, but next year as well.

*Confidence and competition has been pretty good on the defense, Parker believes.

*Coach Parker had some compliments for defensive ends Parker Hesse and Matt Nelson.

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