Iowa Football Complex Tour: Locker Room

VIDEO: Check out a tour of the new Iowa Hawkeyes' locker rooms with assistant and former player LeVar Woods.

The above video shows off the new Iowa Hawkeyes locker room inside the brand new Stew and LeNore Hansen Football Performance Center. 

It is a spacious, clean area and very large. A member of the Iowa football department speaks on behalf of the Hawkeyes explaining the functionality and convenience of the room. 

This isn't your typical locker room. It's enormous in size, the personal lockers are large with name plates on each one, and it isn't associated with the typical smell of a men' football locker room. The dirty laundry is kept elsewhere down the hall. 

Another positive of the locker room is the close proximity it is to various parts of the complex that will need to be accessed by the Iowa football players. It is connected to the athletic training area, which includes the hot and cold tubs, and the pool. And just outside that area is where they can go to get their tape, treatment, or other medical needs. 

The locker room is also located above the weight room, giving the players even more comfort and access to everything they should need.

LeVar Woods, a current assistant for the Hawkeyes, and a former Iowa player that experienced the old complex, also weighs in with information and his thoughts. 

Check out the video, and be on the lookout for more extensive coverage on the new complex, including tours of the weight room, the indoor practice facility, the team lounges, and the position meetings room with assistant Brian Ferentz in tow.

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