Iowa Football Complex Tour: Indoor Field

Video tour of the new Iowa Hawkeyes indoor football practice field with assistant LeVar Woods.

Aside from the weight room, one of the staples of the new Iowa Hawkeyes football complex is their indoor practice facility. Located on the outskirts of the Stew and LeNore Hansen Football Performance Center, it increases the square footage of the entire building from 76,000 square feet to 178,000 square feet.

The practice field contains the same turf as Kinnick Stadium and is full length, at 100 yards. 

The convenience strikes again with the set up of the indoor practice facility. It not only comes in handy during inclement weather, but there's access from the weight room to the indoor practice field, and access straight out to the practice fields outside as well. It's all in the same area unlike the old setup where the distance required to get from one place to another was dramatically more. 

Safety was also a consideration when constructing the new indoor practice facility. The boundary space is much larger, 23 feet all the way around. Every play and drill is no longer limited by space available.

Iowa assistant coach LeVar Woods, who was also a former Hawkeyes player, gives his thoughts on the new set up in Iowa City and how it's a drastic improvement from the facilities and equipment that was at his disposal when he played in the late 1990s.

Stay tuned to Scout for more videos and photos of the new complex, including the weight room with strength and conditioning coach Chris Doyle, the team meeting room and team lounge area with offensive line coach Brian Ferentz, and more clips of the accolades that decorate the halls of the brand new facility. 

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