Iowa Football Complex Tour: Weight Room

A guided video tour from strength coach Chris Doyle of the new Iowa Hawkeyes weight room.

The Iowa Hawkeyes football department gave a guided tour of their new football complex yesterday, the Stew and LeNore Hansen Football Performance Center. The video above shows off the state of the art weight room.

Strength and Conditioning coach Chris Doyle gives a guide of everything involved in the new facility, the functionality of it, convenience of it, and what all they are able to do.

It is a huge part of the new complex. It's nearly 24,000 square feet itself, and has loading docks and garages for easier access when moving equipment in and out.

The room is also very versatile, and they can stage the room for what kind of workout they want to do on a given day.

In addition to all of the best weight and training equipment inside, the facility also contains a re-fueling station, which is a critical piece to the room according to Doyle. With the NCAA de-regulating food, it allows them to feed athletes in an optimal way. They can bookend each and every training session. Breakfast is critical, as well as not going to bed hungry.

According to Doyle, some schools collect talent, and some schools build talent. Iowa is a school that builds talent. They can't do that without the right resources, the right re-fueling, and recruiting the right guys.

A prime example of this is their three main offensive tackles; Ike Boettger, Boone Myers, and Cole Croston. They have combined to gain 225 pounds in the time they've been at Iowa. Boettger was a 215 pound quarterback when he arrived, Boone Myers was only 235 pounds, and Croston 225 pounds. They're all now 300 pounds or more. 

Another perk of the place is the NFL locker room that is connected to the weight room. Former Iowa players that are in the NFL come back often. Iowa wanted a place for them where they could see the training as beneficial.

Enjoy the guided tour of the new Iowa Hawkeyes weight room.

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