Iowa's Brian Ferentz a Lion-Tamer

Check out why Iowa Hawkeyes offensive line coach Brian Ferentz compares himself to a lion-tamer.

Yesterday was my first time listening to Iowa Hawkeyes offensive line coach Brian Ferentz speak, and I couldn't have been more impressed. He's someone that has to be a positive on the recruiting front for Iowa. He's a great speaker, showing humility, humor, and a natural ability to engage the audience. 

Ferentz was the highlight of the tour in many ways, explaining the many new intricacies of the new Iowa football complex, explaining the drastic changes from what he was used to with the Hawkeyes program, and how it might compare to some of the NFL facilities that he has seen. 

The assistant for the Hawkeyes also spoke about his new offensive line meeting room, and compared himself to a lion-tamer in coaching up his position group. Iowa is a proud university in regards to their tradition of producing great offensive linemen, and he describes some of the new gizmos and gadgets in his position room that he can now use to further develop his collection of guys. 

Ferentz also shared his thoughts on recruiting, and how the new facilities would affect Iowa's efforts in that aspect saying, "You can't recruit well if you don't have nice things." The Hawkeyes now have those nice things, and with a better product on the field this year, it could pay dividends for them on the recruiting trail. The Iowa coach did note, that nearly every program has nice things now, and even if they don't, they're going to find a way to show you nice things, such as they had done in the past. He explained that the message they send to recruits is to focus on the people. 

Find out more from Ferentz in the video above.

Additional videos from other parts of the tour are shown below.

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