Iowa Teammates Knew Marshall Koehn Would Deliver

His teammates knew Marshall Koehn would deliver in the clutch.

The Iowa Hawkeyes won in incredible fashion again on Saturday night with a last second 57 yard field goal from Marshall Koehn. Tied at 24, quarterback C.J. Beathard and the offense took over from their own 30 with 52 seconds remaining. Instead of kneeling and being content to head into overtime, the Hawkeyes went on the attack, aggressively moving the ball down field.

They knew the spot they wanted to reach to be comfortable in sending out the field goal unit.

"We needed to get somewhere around the 40 because we know the kind of leg Marshall has," Beathard said.

"If we got to the 40, I knew we had a good shot of converting," the hero, Marshall Koehn, explained. "The offense put us in a position to have a chance and we came through."

The Iowa team and its coaching staff may have wanted to reach the 40 to feel like they were within Koehn's distance to connect, but everyone soon found out that the 57 yard field goal wasn't the maximum range that Koehn has in his arsenal.

"I don't know how high the kick was up on the net, but I'm sure Marshall could have made it from 60," center Austin Blythe commented. "We didn't throw him out there without any practice. He's got the leg. He works on that stuff daily and he went out there and did it."

"All eyes were on Marshall," senior running back Jordan Canzeri added. "I was confident. He has the pwer and he's proven that. As soon as he kicked it we knew it was in. Having a win like that is one that you'll never forget."

"I was watching the whole time," linebacker Josey Jewell shared. "I had to see it to make sure he was going to make it. We all trusted him to. Marshall has a big leg on him. He can boot it from about anywhere on the field. We were all confident he would make it."

Austin Blythe wasn't the only one he didn't watch. Offensive lineman Jordan Walsh was in the play and also didn't bother to watch, but because of the faith he had in his teammate.

"I knew Marshall was going to make it," Walsh stated. "I didn't even look at the kick. Right when I stepped and turned around. I was like 'yeah this is good'. I know Marshall. I trust him. He's one of my good friends. I know his ability of kicking so I knew he could do it."

The kick was obviously a pressure-packed moment but even more drama was created when Pittsburgh and head coach Pat Narduzzi chose to use a timeout to ice him. Because the timeout came in so late, Koehn was able to get a kick off anyways.

"I just try to kick every kick the same," Koehn pointed out. "When they did ice me, we planned on kicking anyway to get a practice under the belt. We planned on that the whole time."

"That one I had to watch for a little bit," he continued about the kick. "It felt good coming off my foot. I knew for sure it had the distance. It drew in and I have a natural draw on my ball."

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