Iowa Prepares for North Texas Defense

Iowa gets set for the North Texas defense on Saturday.

Video of the Iowa defenders talking about the North Texas offense has already been posted, and now it's the offense's turn to analyze their matchup. You won't hear it from them but the offense should have their way this week, and have a much simpler time against the Mean Green of North Texas. It is a team that is really challenged defensively. 

The size for North Texas just isn't there and that could prove to be a huge mismatch when you consider what Iowa loves to do offensively. The Hawkeyes like to pound the ball on the ground. Sure, there's weapons on the outside this year and quarterback C.J. Beathard has proved to be a considerable playmaker this season, but it always comes back to the running game for Kirk Ferentz and Iowa. They love to use their beef on the interior whenever they can, and Jordan Walsh, Sean Welsh, Austin Blythe, and James Daniels should be able to pave huge running lanes all day. 

"(Their defense) has a lot of fast guys," Hawkeye wideout Jacob Hillyer said about North Texas' defensive unit. "There's a lot of speed. They're not built real big, especially up front. We can use that to our advantage. We could use this game to spread the ball around and throw it a lot, too. Especially since we've established a good run game in the past."

The running game always sets up everything else offensively. That's why that component is the most critical to Iowa's success year in and year out. They have the horses this year to have success that way. With the running game expected to have a lot of early success against the Mean Green, there could be openings to drive the ball downfield through the air. However, the Hawkeyes won't see the same coverages they saw from Pittsburgh.

"They're a good team," Beathard noted. "They have good guys up front and a good secondary. They don't play as much man-to-man coverage as Pitt did, so we'll have to be more cautious throwing the ball, and not be stupid with it. Being smart with the ball. About executing the gameplan well and we should be alright."

It's not just the coverages, it's hard to predict what North Texas will throw at them as a whole.

"It's going to be a little different," tight end Henry Krieger Coble shared on what they expect from the Mean Green. "(We) haven't seen tape of them against an offense similar to ours. They have a new defensive coordinator. We're expecting a couple different things. We'll be ready for anything when the time comes."

Listen to the complete thoughts of C.J. Beathard, Jacob Hillyer, and Henry Krieger-Coble in the video above.

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