Iowa Has North Texas Coach Dan McCarney's Vote for Top 25

Dan McCarney had Iowa in his top 25 last week and they'll have his vote again.

Everybody knows the history. North Texas head coach Dan McCarney is a native of Iowa City. He was a member of the Iowa staff along with Kirk Ferentz. They coached together for many years before he departed for Ames to be the head coach at Iowa State.

His return to Kinnick Stadium was not a fruitful one for his program. The Mean Green were pummeled by the Hawkeyes, 62-16. 

Dan McCarney did not hide his admiration about his time in Iowa, and the appreciation he had for the community and the football program afterwards. He opened up by by offering a 'thank you' for all the positive articles written about him over the past week.

"Wanted to take a minute to say thanks to all of you," McCarney addressed the media following the game. "I don't have time to read papers, internet, all that stuff. I heard from countless number of people about all the positive things that were written about me and whatever contributions I might have made in past years around Iowa and Iowa State. I didn't get to see hardly any of it. Whether I deserved it or not, I do really appreciate it. You sure don't have to do that, but it meant an awful lot when I heard about it, so thanks."

McCarney has a lot of history with the Hawkeyes, both involved with the program and as an opponent.

"I was here 36 years in town," he shared. "I spent 19 years at Iowa. When I stopped to think about it, I counted it up and this is the 18th time I've coached against Iowa since I left Iowa City. There's a lot of great memories. There's a lot of tough memories. A lot of hard ones like today. The positives far outweigh the negatives. The people of the state of Iowa are real blessed and lucky to have the head coach they have with Kirk Ferentz here."

Not only was he appreciative of the support he still receives from Iowa City, but McCarney also admires the current squad Kirk Ferentz and his staff have assembled.

"We lost to a heck of a football team today," McCarney pointed out. "I put Iowa in my top 25 last Sunday. I'm sure going to do it again tomorrow when we vote."

"I was on a number of those kinds of teams at Iowa as a coach," he added. "I coached against them many times when they had one of those teams. I think they have that. I truly do."

He spoke about why he believes Iowa is having the early success they are and described the Hawkeyes as a complete team.

"The physicality of the team, the playmakers, the return game, the punter and kicker, the tremendous quarterback they have that really knows how to execute, their good backs," McCarney listed as Iowa' strong points. "They have that big play ability. They have big play talent on their football team so I was just really impressed. Congratulations to Coach Ferentz, his staff, and the program for the team they have and the start they have this season with being 4-0."

"Iowa doesn't beat Iowa," he continued. "You have to beat them. They're a complete football team from what I've seen. I saw it when I watched them their first three games, and watching them from the sidelines today."

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