Iowa DE Drew Ott Updates His Status

Iowa defensive end Drew Ott updates his injury status and how he's feeling.

The Iowa Hawkeyes are still trying to recover from all sorts of injuries to their team, particularly standout defensive end Drew Ott. He's the table-setter for the team due to his elite pass rushing skills, ability to set the edge, and his calm but effective presence. 

Despite suffering a pretty tough elbow injury against Iowa State in Ames, Ott has yet to sit out a game. He left the game against the Cycloens in the first half and didn't return. He played against Pittsburgh on obvious passing downs. Against North Texas, Ott played even more snaps.

"The elbow got a little better so I was able to play a few more downs," Ott said. "I felt a lot better out there (today)."

Though he's on the path to receive a lot of snaps in the game against Wisconsin, his effectiveness has been limited, not just the amount he's played. His pass rushing has not been up to par with the expectations that have been established and he struggled to contain the North Texas from getting to the corner in the running game. 

Ott did make some strides against the Mean Green offense. He was able to get to the quarterback multiple times, recording one sack and causing a fumble in the process. 

"I kind of struggled today," Ott noted about his performance against North Texas following the game. "It was nice to break one through (his sack). I was pretty rusty coming back."

After the game last Saturday, Ott hung around to explain his status, his health, and where he's at in terms of his effectiveness.

"I'm getting there," he shared. "I have to keep doing all the training stuff, bicep curls, tricep curls. I'm just trying to get that joint stronger and more solid."

"I want to play," Ott added. "The coaches let me play. I haven't played that much this season. I need to work on my cardio and stuff like that."

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