Kirk Ferentz Rules Out Multiple Starters For the Northwestern Game

Kirk Ferentz updates the Iowa injury report.

The Iowa Hawkeyes are 6-0 in the 2015 season but it's come at a pretty steep price. They've overcome a handful of injuries so far and they'll have to continue to do so when they head to Evanston, Illinois on Saturday to face Northwestern. Kirk Ferentz recapped the injury report for the contest against the Wildcats and it was not a positive one.

"Medically, guys that didn't play last week' Tevaun (Smith), Boone Myers, and LeShun (Daniels) were all out and we expect them to continue to be out," Ferentz confirmed. "Ike Boettger had to leave the game (last Saturday against Illinois). We're not optimistic he'll be playing (this upcoming Saturday against Northwestern). Last night unfortunately it was confirmed after going through tests that Drew (Ott) did tear his ACL. He's going to be done here."

That is five starters that are not expected to play this weekend for the Hawkeyes. They will be without their top left tackle, top right tackle, top running back, top wide receiver, and top defensive end. Jake Duzey has dressed the last three weeks but splayed sparingly, if at all, so that's another spot where Iowa is not at full capacity.

"The worst part about coaching is dealing with injuries," head coach Kirk Ferentz said. "We get first hand exposure on how hard these players work on a year-round basis. They work extremely hard to have those opportunities to go out and perform and play with their teammates. Anytime that's taken away is a tough thing."

Ferentz spoke about Drew Ott's situation in particular.

"It's a tough deal for Drew certainly," Ferentz explained. "He's a tremendous young guy. He's done everything he possibly can. It's especially tough because he just fought back from that elbow injury. He's been playing at less than 100 percent and was close last week."

"As good as it was on Saturday to get the victory, probably all of us had a tough feeling on Saturday night with the expectation that this may not turn out well. Drew will have that addressed in the near future. He'll obviously stay with us and be a strong team leader. I know he will."

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