Game Balls: Iowa at Northwestern

Handing out the game balls to the Iowa standouts against Northwestern.



The numbers weren't pretty but just the sheer fact that he trotted out there under the pain he was under was a big lift for this team. His teammates saw the toughness he was exhibiting and they all raised up their game because of the guts he showed. Beathard makes everyone around him better and his teammates exert every ounce of energy they have for him.


Not a lot needs to be said. He was the next man up and the newest hero for this Iowa team. Someone different steps up every week and it was Wadley's turn as he ran for 204 yards and four touchdowns. Wadley is supremely talented and will be an extremely valuable asset if he continues to show the coaching staff that they can trust him.


He's just another example of doing whatever the team needs. He's an interior player that accepted the task and responsibility of moving to right tackle within a week. He got himself prepared and held up about as well as you can ask. The big difference in the position change is the type of athlete you block and he handled the change well and that was huge for the Hawkeyes in being able to sustain drives.



He is one of the unsung heroes on this team and he gets better with every game. Jewell stuffs the run and is just a tough, hard nosed football player. One of the key plays of the game is when he was untouched on a blitz and lit up Clayton Thorson for a sack, forcing a turnover.


Another week, another great performance for arguably the best cornerback in college football. I'm running out of adjectives to describe how outstanding he is. King had another interception against Northwestern and if he could have established better footing, it could have went for six. Enjoy him while you got him because he's special.


This one probably catches many by surprise. It's extremely off the radar and he doesn't even start. Bower was inserted into the lineup in passing situations to help provide a pass rush with Drew Ott out. He could have sulked and lost focus once he didn't win the starting job during fall camp. He didn't and that speaks volumes about him. Not only that, he didn't even play at linebacker. He played as a down lineman in the raider package and gave the offensive tackle fits when rushing off the edge. 

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