Iowa Insider: Tuesday Hawkeye Hits 10/20

Iowa insider notes on football, basketball, and recruiting...


  • 7-0. Nobody expected it but it's reality. It should be 12-0. Iowa will be favored in every game the rest of the way. The two road games at Indiana and Nebraska scream upset and to be aware, though. 
  • Iowa needs a bye week to recover and recuperate. Like Kirk Ferentz said, there was a better time for it and that was last week. They'll take it now, though. On the shelf right now are C.J. Beathard, Jordan Canzeri, LeShun Daniels, Ike Boettger, Boone Myers, Jake Duzey, and Drew Ott. I think Tevaun Smith is back for good and he actually moved pretty well last Saturday against Northwestern. Drew Ott won't be coming back but they'll be hoping the other six can.

  • I don't think the injuries keep C.J. Beathard off the field but I think they'll be keeping him out of practice again. As long as he gets in the mental preparation during the week I do not see that being a problem. Having an entire week off of his feet and then being limited in game-week practice should have Beathard a little healthier than he was during the Northwestern game. But probably not much more. This seems like something that will be nagging for a while and he just needs a few weeks to heal. It's going to be tough for him to return to 100 percent at any point in the season. He can still be effective though and has to avoid the big hits. 

  • I don't see Jordan Canzeri being able to play against Maryland.

  • I think Ike Boettger will be back against Maryland. I think LeShun Daniels might be able to play. There's still some uncertainty surrounding Boone Myers and Jake Duzey. 

  • Iowa still has to go at least 4-1 to clinch the West. They're in commanding lead over everyone but Wisconsin so the head-to-head victory over the Badgers will be very important by the time we reach the end of the season.

  • Enjoy the bye week.


  • There's five freshmen on the roster, and of course redshirt freshman Brady Ellingson. That is to go with four seniors, juniors Peter Jok and Dale Jones, and sophomore Dom Uhl. Dale Jones' rebounding ability should get him on the floor this year. That's seven contributors. I think if Ellingson plays consistent minutes, I can only see two or three freshman finding enough minutes to not see a redshirt. This team's depth could be a big-time value.
  • I think Fran is going to want to have that three-point shooting on the floor so I do think Brady Ellingson does get minutes, as does true freshman Andrew Fleming. They don't have a lot of size underneath in the post so I do think they'll want some defensive versatility in that regard outside of just Dom Uhl and Adam Woodbury. I think that is where Ahmad Wagner can factor in. If another freshman is able to not redshirt, I would imagine it being Brandon Hutton or Isaiah Moss. Hutton is a great defender while Moss is another guy that can create. 

  • I'm hearing great things on Dom Uhl. I think he could be a key this season. 

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