Is The Door Open For Cornerback Jalen Embry to Return to Iowa?

Is it possible for former Hawkeye corner Jalen Embry to return to the Iowa program?

As noted in the above video, former Iowa cornerback Jalen Embry of Detroit left the Hawkeye program back during Fall camp, paving his way to transfer to Iowa Central Community College. The move came as a surprise but it appeared as if both parties separated on very strong terms.

Embry is now starring at the junior college level. He's already recorded a couple of interceptions and rarely gets challenged. He's viewed as one of the top defensive backs in the NJCAA and plays stiff competition against the likes of Coffeyville Community College, Butler County Community College, Iowa Western Community College, Hutchinson Community College, and Dodge City Community College. All of those programs have several talented players that will be playing for 'Power 5' programs a year from now.

"It's going great," Embry said of his experience at Iowa Central. "I've been playing some receiver as well as cornerback and I've been returning kicks and punts. I'm very humbled by being here and being able to play football still so I can help support my family in the future."

It won't happen quick but Embry still has plans to make it back to the FBS level and it could be next season or even the following year because of the eligibility he still holds.

"I will enroll at a college in May once I get my 60 credits," he explained. "It's also a possibility that if I do not receive the offer I want, I could stay another year since I have 3 years of elibility left still."

No official offers have been thrown his way yet as colleges continue to be patient as he reaches his academic guidelines. He's expected to but college programs have the luxury of waiting to jump in seriously until after his season has ended.

"I've talked to a lot of schools," Embry shared. "A lot are very interested. I'm keying on Iowa, Pittsburgh, Ball State, and Toledo. A lot of schools are just waiting until the offseason because so that they know everything is in order."

Embry enjoyed his time in Iowa City and all signs point to the door still being cracked for a possible return to the Hawkeyes.

"I have been speaking with Coach Phil Parker and Coach Reese Morgan," Embry noted. "We'll see what God has in store for me. I loved it at Iowa. Coach Parker was great to me and he was a big factor in keeping me and Desmond (King) on the right track."

King and Embry are both Detroit natives and knew each other very well even before they became teammates at Iowa. They've been able to remain in contact.

"Yeah, (Desmond King and I) talk every week as well," Embry discussed. "Right now he's beating me in interceptions but that's it (laughing). I'm four away. But teams only challenge me once or twice a game. I'm beating him by far on returns and tackling. Detroit is on the map (with me, him, and Jourdan Lewis of Michigan)."

Not that an official offer from Iowa would make it a slam dunk for the Hawkeyes to lure Embry back to Iowa City. An opportunity to go to Pittsburgh would be very appealing for Embry. He has a few connections to the Panther program, most notably family member Avonte Maddox who's a cornerback and head coach Pat Narduzzi who recruited Embry while he was at Michigan State.

"Avonte is my stpe brother so we talk everyday about (the possibility of me going there to play)," Embry stated. "We want to continue to play with each other. Coach Pat Narduzzi is a plus, though. I love his intensity and his character."

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