Notes from Iowa Offensive Coordinator Greg Davis

Iowa offensive coordinator Greg Davis met with the media earlier on Wednesday...


  • Davis: LeShun Daniels should be about 100 percent after this week.

  • The running back rotation is to be determined when Daniels returns for the game against Maryland.

  • The explosive plays are due to C.J. Beathard taking more risks downfield and the efforts from their fullbacks and wideouts.

  • There could be a rotation at left tackle once Boone Myers returns. Cole Croston has done well.

  • Guys like Cole Croston and Sean Welsh switched from left to right on the offensive line starting back in fall camp. That helped them prepare for the injuries they have suffered. Welsh even played tackle in fall camp at times.

  • Jerminic Smith is polished at receiver. He played well in the games he started. He really learns well, studies film well, and got open a number of times.

  • Lead the Big Ten in plays over 40 yards and have nine guys that have done that.

  • Brian Ferentz will be a head coach one day if he wants to be. Most coaches want to be.

  • Ryan Boyle would have been the backup to Tyler Wiegers against Maryland. Wiegers would have been ready to play. 

  • Would like to redshirt both Ryan Boyle and Drew Cook this season and both still project to be quarterbacks.

  • Would like to use two backs and then have another third down running back. Thought it would be Derrick Mitchell before he got dinged up. 

  • Credits C.J. Beathard for getting the ball to his second and third options in a play plus his leadership.

  • Not in full gear but thought Jake (Duzey) looked like Jake. Getting really close. Will find out more about him in the next two weeks and hopefully get him back in the rotation.

  • On Jay Scheel: Very pleased with him. Made decision he wasn't quite ready in the fall. In August was the first time he's been real healthy, confident, and cutting.

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