Iowa Wide Receiver Tevaun Smith Says He's 98 Percent

Iowa wideout Tevaun Smith is back to '98 percent' and is good to go for Saturday.

Iowa wide receiver Tevaun Smith missed a few games of action this season with a knee injury. His return was supposed to come after the bye week making his first mark after the setback this week against Maryland. However, that did not go according to schedule, but in a positive manner. Smith saw time before the bye week against Northwestern in Evanston. He reeled off two big plays in the passing game but both were called back due to penalties on the Hawkeyes.

Smith shared more about his knee injury and how he was able to bounce back so quickly.

"What happened was they did a little scope on my knee," Smith said. "I had surgery on it. I was pretty much ready to go two weeks afterwards. After Thursday I'll be 100 percent. I'm probably about 98 percent right now. I'm taking the full reps in practice. I'm full-go. I'm trying to get back in shape to be out there."

"It feels like conditioning again," he added. "I'm getting better. I'm feeling a lot more confident in myself. I have to be ready for every play. Today was a good day. Yesterday was a good day. It didn't take much."

There wasn't any kind of setback following his outing against Northwestern but he did have to return to the trainer's room once again to remain on the right track.

"It swelled up a little," Smith admitted. "I iced it when I got home. It wasn't bad at all. I got a lot of treatment going into the bye week. It helped a lot. I'm taking the full snaps this week and I'm full-go at practice. Hopefully (my presence out there) helps a lot. I hope so. I'm going to do my best to help the team win."

Smith was able to contribute in the beatdown of the Wildcats two weeks ago but the win was more important to him, just another example of where the focus of this Hawkeyes team is.

"It kind of sucked they took those (two plays) back," he shared. "But I'll take 40-10 over 2 catches any day. It was tough to watch (while I was out), especiall the first week against Wisconsin when I wasn't up there. I had to watch them from home and saw them bring home the trophy."

In his absence, true freshman Jerminic Smith shined as his replacement. Tevaun Smith was very complimentary of his play and has been that leader and teammate that Jerminic has been able to count on.

"He was better than me," Tevaun noted about Jerminic's play. "He did a lot. He was making a lot of plays. I don't think other teams expected that of him, especially as a freshman. He does it in practice every day. I'm always in his ear, trying to give him that confidence. He's going to be a great player."

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