Game Notes: Iowa 99 Sioux Falls 73

The quick news and notes from the Iowa hoops win over Sioux Falls in exhibition play.


  • It was not the best game from Adam Woodbury. He was in foul trouble early on picking up two fouls in the first half. The goal for him is to put in 30 minutes a game and that will be tough to do if he's on the bench. Woodbury also has to be able to finish inside much better than he did tonight, where he missed a handful of shots around the rim.
  • Ahmad Wagner was raved about by Fran McCaffrey afterwards for how well he's played. He got into some foul trouble in the first half, picking up a pair. When he got the extended minutes he needed in the second half, he was a force. He defended three different positions, set very good screens, and slipped on a few getting open a handful of times. That kind of contribution will be needed from him. He has a real chance to get considerable playing time this year.

  • Dom Uhl did not get that many minutes tonight, totaling only 8 which was less than Ahmad Wagner, Dale Jones, and Christian Williams. He needs to be better on boards but I thought he played well. He was a finisher inside and not many people were tonight.

  • Jarrod Uthoff is just a very good player. He may be the most valuable on this team which comes as no surprise. Everything he does is effortless and smooth. He also has size and length allowing them to move him in the post at times and he'll need to play down there some this year with their lack of size. 

  • I would think they'll expect more out of Dale Jones to give him the minutes regularly that he got tonight. I thought he played kind of sloppy, especially in the first half. He did come up with five rebounds in those minutes which will be valuable down the road.

  • Foul trouble was an issue, especially in the first half. Defending without fouling was an emphasis in the second half and they were much better but Clemmons, Uthoff, Woodbury, Wagner, and Ellingson all picked up a couple in the first half. The good thing is that they may have the depth to deal with that this year but they do not want that to become a habit.

  • Outside of his turnovers in the first few minutes, Mike Gesell was brilliant. He lead all scorers with 24 and he was very aggressive off the dribble and with his shot. He did what he was supposed to do.

  • They got very good minutes out of Nicholas Baer tonight and he even knocked down a couple of three pointers en route to 8 points in 12 minutes. Fran had good things to say about him afterwards, mainly his versatility, and he'll be someone that gets meaningful minutes this year.

  • I kind of liked the lineup with Dom Uhl, Ahmad Wagner, and Jarrod Uthoff on the court at the same time. What they lack in size, they make up for with incredible length and athleticism. It may not be their best defensive lineup but it is one that could give a lot of teams trouble.

  • Isaiah Moss and Brandon Hutton didn't get in until real late in the game. Once they decide to redshirt, those will be two prime candidates. Fran said that they still do not know who they will or how many, and that they aren't deciding on that anytime soon. 

  • Andrew Fleming is someone that will not shy away from any shot. He took some questionable ones and that will come with the territory with him because he is an offensive minded player. He put up 9 shots in just 14 minutes of play. That will get him on the floor this year but as McCaffery noted afterwards, he still has a ways to go on the defensive end.

  • Peter Jok was the best player on the floor tonight. He still needs to get better defensively and he will have to rebound this year, but he was just so efficient on the offensive end. When he attacked the hoop they had no answer for him and he shot at a very high percentage, sinking 4-7 from three point land and he was 6-11 overall.

  • It was evident afterwards that head coach Fran McCaffery was very impressed with Christian Williams. He said that he played terrific and understood the concepts they were hoping to accomplish both offensively and defensively. Expect him to find the floor quite a bit going forward.

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