Week 10 Iowa Stat Sheet Stuffer

Discussing and analyzing the meaningful stats headed into Saturday's contest between Iowa and Indiana.

Iowa travels to Bloomington on Saturday with an 8-0 record in tow, unblemished on the year. Meanwhile, Indiana enters the contest with a 4-4 record. However, all four losses have been in their last four games after beginning the year 4-0. The Hoosiers hosted the Buckeyes after winning their first four matchups, but have faltered in each game since. Their most impressive wins are against Western Kentucky and Wake Forest, though they did compete into the fourth quarter against Ohio State and hung with Michigan State for a half. However, they lost to Rutgers by surrendering 55 points and were blown out by the Spartans and Penn State. 

Kevin Wilson is the head coach and he is known for high-powered offenses, being a sensational offensive mind but he hasn't had enough defenses in his tenure at Bloomington to field much success. One thing is for certain, their offensive potential can usually keep them in nearly every game.

Here are some numbers related to this week's contest.

  • Indiana's offense has actually scored more than Iowa so far this year. They have the third best scoring offense in the Big Ten at 33.1 points per game while Iowa is fifth at 32.6 points per game. Though, since Beathard was injured against Illinois, Iowa's points have not decreased contrary to belief. It has actually increased. They scored 40 against Northwestern and 31 against Maryland. A lot of that has been due to the rushing attack but it hasn't affected the Hawkeye offense on the scoreboard. 

  • On the other side of the ball, Iowa gives up the fourth least points per game in the Big Ten at 15.3 per game while Indiana gives up the most at 37.3 a game. 

  • Indiana leads the Big Ten in total offense, averaging 467.6 yards a game. Iowa averages 405 in comparison.

  • Indiana  gives up the most yards a game in the Big Ten, surrendering 509 on average each contest. Iowa surrenders only 287.6 yards a game, good for third in the Big Ten. That makes it a battle of wills in ways as Iowa does not allow much yardage defensively but the Hoosiers rack them as an offensive unit. Strength against strength. 

  • Iowa does possess a better rushing attack than Indiana. They are second in the Big Ten on the ground and the Hoosiers are fifth. Iowa is second best in the Big Ten at stopping the run while Indiana is third to last.

  • Indiana does have the best passing offense in the Big Ten, throwing for 287 yards a game. They are the worst in the Big Ten at stopping the pass, though. Iowa is in the middle of the pack at defending the pass, 7th in the Big Ten. But they are a bit of a bend but don't break in pass defense, and force a lot of turnovers. 

  • Iowa has 12 interceptions as a defense which is the most in the Big Ten. 

  • Indiana is the best in the Big Ten at something other than an offensive category. They lead the Big Ten in kicking, knocking through 10-12 field goals, an 83.3 percentage. Just like Iowa, the Hoosiers have missed three extra points, though.

  • Iowa is fifth in the league in sacks, taking down the quarterback 24 times this year. However, Indiana is also best in the Big Ten at protecting the quarterback. They've only allowed 10 sacks all year. Iowa has surrendered 16 sacks as an offensive line. 

  • Iowa leads the Big Ten in turnover margin but the Hoosiers are fourth. They take care of the ball pretty well. Indiana has actually only turned it over 8 times this year. Only Michigan State has turned it over fewer, doing so just 4 times. 
  • Despite their great offensive numbers this year, Indiana hasn't been all that efficient on third down. They have only converted them 37 percent of the time while Iowa has converted 43.5 percent. Iowa only allows opposing offenses to convert on third down 33.6 percent of the time as well. The Hoosier defends allows offenses to convert on third down 44.7 percent of the time. This is a significant category.

  • Combine the previous statistic with this one. Iowa is third in the conference at time of possession at 33:12 per game. Indiana is 12th out of 14 Big Ten teams at time of possession, averaging only 29:04 a game. 

  • Indiana is the best offense Iowa has faced all year. They are someone that can possibly score enough to beat Iowa. Nobody has so far this year. It'll be important for the Hawkeyes to keep their offense off the field. The time of possession and third down numbers have to make you optimistic about the chances of doing so, as well as the rushing offenses for each team. You could probably credit Indiana's losses to these three areas of the game. 

  • Indiana is 30-33 with 22 touchdowns in the red zone. Iowa is 30-36 with 23 touchdowns in the red zone. The Hawkeyes are second best in the league at red zone defense while Indiana is 8th. 

Iowa Individual Leaders

  • Quarterback C.J. Beathard is seventh in the Big Ten in passing yards a game. He's averaging 199.8 yards a game. He's fifth in pass efficiency.

  • Running back Jordan Canzeri is still fourth in the Big Ten in rushing yards a game despite not having played a significantly large portion of three games. He's averaging 99.7 yards a game. He's also second in the Big Ten in scoring per game and second in touchdowns per game. He only trails Ezekiel Elliott in touchdowns. Elliott has 13 while Canzeri has 10. Elliott has played more games, obviously.

  • Wideout Matt VandeBerg is fourth in the conference in receptions a game and has 44 total on the year. He also averages 55.6 yards receiving per game which is 10th in the conference.

  • Desmond King ranks fourth in the conference in punt return average at 12.9 yards a pop. His 14 passes defended as a cornerback is tied for second in the Big Ten, trailing only Jourdan Lewis of Michigan. However, King's seven interceptions is three more than anyone else in the league. Anthony Brown of Purdue has four. 

  • Dillon Kidd is fourth in the Big Ten in punting average at 43.7 yards a punt.

  • Cole Fisher is eighth in the Big Ten in tackles at 8.4 a game.

  • Nate Meier is sixth in the Big Ten with seven sacks on the year.

  • Drew Ott is still fifth in the league with three forced fumbles.

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