Iowa Insider Notes: Tuesday Hawkeye Hits 11/3

A wrap-up and additional information on Iowa football and recruiting.

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The Tuesday November 3 edition begins NOW. Grab your coffee and donuts!


  • Iowa cruised to a 31-15 win over Maryland. It was 21-0 lead at halftime and then they put it on cruise control the rest of the game. It wasn't a bad strategy as they were able to protect C.J. Beathard from further injury.

  • Ike Boettger and Jordan Canzeri are the final two on the injury report that have yet to return. Both should have a chance to come back for the Indiana game this upcoming Saturday, with Boettger being more likely just because they both have ankle injuries and he doesn't have to play running back.

  • Even when Boettger has come back, we may see Cole Croston get a few possessions each game. He's done very well when in the ball game. He was the replacement for left tackle Boone Myers. With Myers back on Saturday, Croston slid over to right tackle to allow Sean Welsh and James Daniels to play inside.

  • When Jordan Canzeri returns I have no earthly idea how they will rotate the running backs. It's tough to even rotate three, as Derrick Mitchell only notched two carries and two catches against the Terps last Saturday. I do not know how you keep Canzeri, LeShun Daniels, and Akrum Wadley off the field so it may be Mitchell that loses the playing time. 

  • Playoff poll comes out Tuesday. What will the committee do? I don't pretend to know. But from seeing the football I have so far this season and looking at the resumes, here is what I'd do. 

1) Clemson. 2) LSU. 3) Michigan State. 4) Baylor. 5.) Ohio State. 6) Iowa. 7) TCU. 8). Stanford. 9) Florida. 10.) Alabama.

  • Why Clemson at the top? I think a lot of the win against Notre Dame and they've just looked impressive when I've seen them. They're a great football team.

  • Why Michigan State at 3? The win at Oregon has decreased in value but it's still a good one and they also defeated Michigan. It's a good resume and I think they're getting better as the year goes on. 

  • Why Ohio State at 5? Their resume isn't all that good, yet. It will be because their final two games are against Michigan and Michigan State followed by the Big Ten title. But at this point, it's not, and they've struggled, and they've got no stability with their roster yet, especially at quarterback.

  • Why Iowa at 6? Their resume is actually pretty good at this stage with road wins over Wisconsin and Northwestern and a home victory over Pittsburgh. Now, unlike Ohio State and LSU, their resume will get worse because everybody they have left isn't all that good outside of the Big Ten Title Game. But for now, you can make a case for them to be ranked ahead of TCU, and especially Stanford since they have a common opponent; Northwestern.

  • What help could Iowa use? It's going to come. There's too many premiere matchups and solid opponents left. Notre Dame and Stanford still have to face each other. LSU and Alabama. Florida and Florida State. Ohio Stat and Michigan State. Ohio State and Michigan. TCU and Baylor and Oklahoma State and Oklahoma all basically have a round robin left. Clemson still has to play Florida State. It'll be fun. The Big 12 should take care of itself. I think Iowa will definitely need losses from TCU and Baylor and I think they come. The committee might want to the Big 12 a solid from last year so that might be the only thing that's worrisome for the Hawkeyes if they are battling a Big 12 program for the final spot. A loss from Clemson would be beneficial, too. 

  • What's the worst thing that could happen? Oklahoma winning out. They have TCU, Baylor, and Oklahoma State left and as a one loss team, if they were to win out, it would be hard to ignore what they have done. They would be the team like Ohio State a year ago, even with a bad lass on the slate like the Buckeyes had with Virginia Tech. The Sooners lost to the Longhorns.

  • The Hawkeyes play the Hoosiers on Saturday and none of this matters if they don't win. They have to win out. They have to go undefeated for all of this to matter. They won't be a team that is considered with one loss.

  • I'm not going to get into this game too much until later in the week. The one thing I will say is this offensive teams match up against Iowa much better. The Hawkeyes' offense is not known for lighting up the scoreboard but have consistently been around 30. Is that going to be enough against a high-powered offense like Indiana? It's just a scary matchup, like in the NCAA Basketball Tournament when it is all about matchups.

  • The positives? Against elite offenses, you want to keep them off the field. Iowa is one of the best at time of possession and Indiana is one of the worst. Iowa is one of the best rushing offenses in football while Indiana is much more comfortable throwing it. Iowa is elite on third down as an offense and defending it as a defense. Indiana is about average as a third down offense and terrible defending it. All of this lends itself to Iowa sustaining drives and the Hoosiers having a struggle with it. That's big for keeping their offense off the field.


    • Iowa added commit #24 yesterday in cornerback K.J. Sails of Gibsonton (Fla.). If you've been paying attention at all, you knew this bound to happen. His family and coaching staff all felt the Hawkeyes were the best choice. They'll hold off everyone that has offered. The only thing to worry about it is if Florida State decides to offer and they might.

    • Sails puts the Iowa recruiting class in the top 25 for the first time this year. It is also the top recruiting class in the Big Ten West.

    • There's likely only one spot left and that is being reserved for an offensive tackle. The top choice is four-star Matt Farniok of South Dakota and another valued target is three-star Alaric Jackson of Detroit.

    • Farniok should end up at Nebraska or Iowa. The Huskers are struggling mightily but I'm not sure that's going to matter all that much in this one. The official visits should dictate how this one goes.

    • Jackson would like to be a Spartan, plain and simple. The Detroit native is waiting on being allowed into the Michigan State class. If that does not happen, look for it to be Iowa or Wisconsin yet again, just like it was for Sails. He'd visit both but I'd like the Hawkeyes' chances.

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