Iowa Offensive Matchup vs Indiana

Breaking down Iowa's offensive matchup against Indiana.

This shouldn't be all that complicated for the Hawkeyes. Indiana is awful defensively as they have surrendered more than 50 points each of the last two weeks and give up over 500 yards a game. That is historically terrible. 

The pass defense isn't as bad as the run defense which probably works into the opponent's favor, especially Iowa. The Hawkeyes love to run the ball and it's always important to keep Indiana's offense off the field as much as possible.


You name it, there's an advantage. One of the best defenders on the field for the Hoosiers is cornerback Rashard Fant. Stay away from him and pick your matchup the rest of the way. As mentioned earlier, running the ball should not be a problem. The Iowa offensive line is much more adept in run blocking schemes than in pass protection, anyways. It also allows C.J. Beathard to stay clean as well as he continues to try to get as healthy as possible so he can do more and more for the Hawkeyes under center. 

They'll have three running backs at their disposal in this one, with Akrum Wadley and LeShun Daniels sharing the snaps and Derrick Mitchell as the third down back. Jordan Canzeri will most likely dress but not get into action unless absolutely necessary. Run the ball against Indiana. Rack up that time of possession. The Hoosiers should have no answer. 

Indiana is actually pretty athletic and quick as a team. Their team speed is nice. Look for LeShun Daniels to possibly have more success on the ground than Akrum Wadley. He really offsets and takes advantage of Indiana's shortcomings. 

The Hoosiers will likely have to load the box significantly as Iowa continues to get chunk after chunk of yardage in the ground game. Fant will most likely cover Tevaun Smith in one-on-one coverage but Greg Davis and Kirk Ferentz have shown an affinity to want to take shots with Tevaun in man coverage.


It's really hard to poinpoint one. One challenge will be enabling Tevaun Smith to get involved with Fant on him. Fant is quietly having a sensational year on a flat-out terrible defense. Unfortunately, nobody else in the secondary has so that should allow Matt VandeBerg to get open at will underneath. 

The main challenge will be themselves. They have to prolong drives. Three and outs offensively in this contest are asking for trouble with the way the Hoosiers love to run tempo. You beat yourself, and Indiana can take advantage. It's important to establish and sustain drives. More than any other game, at least a first down or two even in possessions that don't go the length of the field are important. 

So, take care of the ball and run the ball. This is a game that could be meant for someone like LeShun Daniels. He's reliable in holding onto the ball and can out-physical an athletic bunch that lacks the nastiness and anger that Daniels runs with. 

It's safe to say a lot of points will be scored in this one. Efficiency will be key. They'll have chances all day but have to use all of them. Indiana will score. 

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