Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz Updates Injuries for Minnesota Game

Kirk Ferentz updates the Iowa injuries ahead of the Minnesota game.

The Iowa Hawkeyes continue to become a healthier bunch week in and week out. They had close to their full compliment of players last Saturday (outside of Drew Ott) and that included tight end Jake Duzey who got in the game. They were without running back Jordan Canzeri and offensive tackle Ike Boettger, though.

Jordan Canzeri was cleared to play last week but they decided to give him another week of rest. 

Could this be the week that Iowa has everyone back? It appears to be headed in that direction.

"Injury-wise, it looks like we'll get Jordan (Canzeri) back," Ferentz said. "He's been able to practice pretty efficiently and well. We're happy about that. Ike Boettger is making good progress. We'll know more about him tomorrow. It looks like he's getting into a position where he can help us as well. We're happy about that as well."

"Jordan probably could have played last week," Ferentz added. "Our concern was about the same path as LeShun (Daniels). We put him out there and he thought he was ok and he wasn't. We had an average back out there and that wasn't good for him or anybody. We wanted to be real conservative with Jordan. He could have played but we wanted to stick to the plan."

It could be a game where the Hawkeyes have their full stable of running backs, it's a group of four that have all shined in different parts of the season. The task will be how to use each one and setting some type of rotation.

"I think we're all convinced (Jordan Canzeri) is full speed," Ferentz pointed out. "LeShun is full speed again. We also have Derrick (Mitchell). Hopefully Akrum (Wadley) will be ready to go. We'll know Friday or Saturday. If he can't, he can't. We'll play them all if they're healthy."

"It's been kind of easy answering the questions about the running back rotation and which ones will play," Ferentz continued. "Whichever ones are healthy will play."

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