Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz's 10-0 Press Conference

Check out what Kirk Ferentz had to say about his football team following the win over Minnesota.

Kirk Ferentz is a happy man. The Iowa Hawkeyes have moved to 10-0 for the first time in school history knocking off Minnesota 40-35. 

It was the first offensive-minded game the Hawkeyes have been in this year. They typically find themselves in game that are a bit more defense-oriented and focused more on ball control but this was a shootout. It was a back and forth contest but Iowa still managed a way to come out on top. 

The head coach spoke afterwards.

On The Atmosphere At Kinnick Stadium...

"I just want to comment on the environment. The fans were fantastic. Sold out, black-out crowd, and the energy was present from the time we came up pregame. It was just an electric atmosphere. To be involved in this program 26 years now, these are the things our players will remember their entire lives. So just want to compliment our fans and thank them. Hop I see all 70-plus thousand of them next Saturday to send these seniors off. We have a great senior class getting ready to play their last game at Kinnick Stadium.

On The Play of C.J. Beathard...

"Yeah, he just keeps performing at a reallly high rate. The thing that's most pleasing for all of us, he looks like he's starting to get healthy again, which a couple weeks ago, even going back to the game in Chicago, that was probably him at the lowest point health-wise, and I can't explain it, but it seems that we're gaining ground now. He looked better last week from a mobility standpoint. But today almost looked like the opening ball game, so that's a really good thing. He took a little shot there at the end of the game, we got a quick call on quarterback sneak, and reminded me we had one last year too against Indiana. So that might be a play we have to take out of the playbook. But he's playing his tail off."

"Well, no, we're not taking (the naked bootleg) out. I think it's back in now. If he can run it, we're going to call it, believe me. But the sneaks might be off the board."

On LeShun Daniels Breaking Out...

"Speaking of guys that looked healthy again. We tried to get him back for the week or two there, and that wasn't LeShun. He was running okay. But last week I thought he looked a lot better, and tonight he looked really good, especially on that last touchdown. That was quite a run. He's just a quiet humble guy and works really hard."

"The backs in general, I want to compliment the whole group. It seems whoever is healthy does a nice job. Jordan's working his way back in. Akrum could have played but I'm glad we could keep him out. Derrick Mitchell didn't play a huge role tonight, but he did some really good things. Had a blitz pick-up that was critical on a big play for us and those are the kind of things that go unnoticed. So really happy about the whole group. They're doing a good job, and the fullbacks continue to play."

On The Big Ten Championship Race...

"We want to win it outright, That's our goal. But to win the game next week and clinch a bid, that would be fantastic. So that will be our goal tomorrow. We'll turn our sights on our next opponent. There is nothing easy in the conference. I know that. But we'll worry about that tomorrow. Tonight we'll enjoy this one and hopefully we'll get things ahead."

On The Added Pressure...

"That's funny you should bring it up. That was a headlne in one of the papers today. And our Friday night meeting for a night game was on Saturday. So I brought that up to our players. You know, really, the only pressure, it's funny, there was a different headling early in the season about pressure. I won't go down that road right now.

"But anyway, the only pressure any of us feel is to not let each other down. So we're all trying to work as hard as we can, be as prepared as we can, and do what we can to help the team win. That's all I want the players feeling becasue that's how it should be. It's all about what we do for each other and it's the beauty of football. In any sport you do things becasue of your teammates and the people involved. That's really all that ocunts at the end of the day. So just feel really good about that I'm really happy for our players again."

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