Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz On The Win Over Purdue

Kirk Ferentz's thoughts on the win over Purdue.

Iowa improved to 11-0 on the season with a 40-20 victory over Purdue. They jumped out to a 20-0 lead before letting the Boilermakers back in the game. The Hawkeyes regained momentum and rode it out the rest of the game. 

The Hawkeyes have now clinched a share of the Big Ten West crown and will travel to Lincoln on Friday to win the division outright. They have already secured their spot for the Big Ten Championship Game in Indianapolis.

Kirk Ferentz discussed it all after the contest against Darrell Hazell's team.


"But all in all, just really proud of the team, and you think about what's been accompoished now, to go 7-0, I think it's the second time in history in Kinnick. We're 7-0 in the league, first time to be 11-0, and all those good things are just really the result of our great senior leadership. For us to have a good football team, I've said that many times, we need our seniors to play their best, and they're doing that, and then also they've got to lead, and they've done a great, great job. To me they're the players of the game, if you will. Just really, really proud of them, and very, very happy for them."

"Well you know, be proud, I mean, everything I just mentioned a minute ago, being 11-0, 7-0 at home, you can't do any better than that, and 7-0 in the league. Right now it's as good as we can be. And then to secure a bid, and again I've never been involved in divisional stuff. I know this: No matter what it is, you'd rather win something outright, no matter what it is you're doing."

"So be very, very proud of that. They even got hats and tee shirts, all that stuff. Coaches didn't get any, but they got them. But you know, they've earned that. They've earned that, and I want them to really enjoy that and encourage them to do it until we get together tomorrow. We're going to make up for some lost time once we get together at 12:30, but between now and then, as long as they're smart, I want them to feel good about what they've done. They should. They've earned that."


"Yeah, it's kind of two things. I got to thinking about that, I've never been involved with winning the division, so that's a little different, just like our expansion has been historic in the Big Ten. I guess you've to got to figure out how to respond to that a little bit better. But the other part was, yeah, we're not downplaying it. It's a significant accomplishment to have an opportunity to play in Indianapolis. It's really thrilling for all of us, and we're really pleased about that."

"But at the same time we're six days out from playing again, and we're playing a team that's been sitting back all week watching us. We've got some ground to make up tomorrow. We'll get to work on that in our meetings and what have you, but really proud, and it's a real significant accomplishment, but we've still got to finish this season out, and that's our goal."


"Not totally by design (to use all four running backs in opening drive), but our two marquee guys, LeShun (Daniels) and Jordan (Canzeri), they're a little bit more proven and what have you, although Derrick has been doing a great job in his role, more of a third-down back, and Akrum has won us over. We were a little concerned about his ball security, but to me ever since that trip to Chicago he's really grown up a little bit, too, and that's been great to see."


"(The team) has really responded, and trophy games are important because it is, it's all about winning and losing. They've responded. They've done it every week, whether there's a trophy involved or not. The big thing and our goal, it's like every year, you just want the team to line up each and every week well-prepared, and then you want them to compete as hard as they can. If you come up short, you can live with that, and we've had games like that."

"I'll go back to last year, 2013, that was the Wisconsin game. We prepared, we played and competed, but we weren't good enough that day, and you can live with that. But when you can't check those boxes off, that's where it's difficult, and if you're going to win a trophy game, you'd better take care of those items. you'd better take care of each and every one of them."


"I couldn't smash anything. Maybe an egg or something. I don't know (who that was) and I never asked, and I didn't have anybody to investigate. But I think the message was there, and again, it just wasn't those games, it was just more so about if you're going to win the trophy, you've got to go earn it, and you've got to do things right. You've got to be thorough, and you know, give yourself every chance going into the game, and you've got to compete. That's what the game gets down to."


"The conditions were tough today. They really were. I'd never admit that to the team last night or this morning. Now I can say it publicly. They were tough out there. Not as much the cold; the cold is, you've got to concentrate a little bit more, but the wind was really a factor today, and I think that showed up probably in the statistics. I haven't looked at that quarter by quarter. But the two quarters, they really kind of had us going a little bit. They had the wind, and that's why I say that 90-yard drive into the wind was really, that was significant, and it was a great job, plus we needed it right then, so good response. But the weather was a factor today, there's no question about that, and wind to me always the number one thing that influences a game."

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