It Was Extra Special For Iowa Hawkeyes From Nebraska

The win over the Huskers was extra special to the Hawkeyes from Nebraska.

Friday's win over Nebraska was special for all the Hawkeyes. It capped off an undefeated regular season for Iowa, the first perfect football year for the program since 1922.

However, there were other emotions playing into this. Iowa has a few Nebraska natives on their team that were the recipients of a little more extra satisfaction from Friday's victory. Completing an undefeated regular season in their home state was another chapter in a memorable year. 

"It was a little bit more special," defensive tackle Nathan Bazata said. "But it's 1 of 12 so I'm pretty happy."

"It's nice because it's the 12th win," Drew Ott stated. "That was our major goal. It's a little nicer because I'm from here. But it's nice because it means we're 12-0."

The emotions from Hawkeye linebacker Cole Fisher were on another level. He's a native from Omaha, just outside of Lincoln, and his family have been die-hard Husker fans and his brother played in front of the 'Sea of Red'. Despite all the connections to the Huskers, he still couldn't manage to get enough tickets to disperse.

"I think Nate Meier got 22 tickets together," Fisher shared. "I don't know where he gets them. I'm going to have to get a few pointers or something. No (I didn't see my parents afterwards). I was looking for them. I couldn't find them. There were Hawk fans everywhere."

To finish off the storybook ending, the Huskers legacy nabbed an interception in the first quarter for the Hawkeyes. 

"I know," Fisher commented about the craziness that the first turnover found the Omaha native and childhood Nebraska fan. "I honestly thought I was behind him. Maybe the ball was underthrown, maybe I was just at the right place at the right time. I knew they were trying to sneak the fullback out."

That interception will live with Fisher forever.

"It was a bit personal, yeah," he admitted about the game against the Huskers, the team that did not offer him. I also thought I played pretty darn well in front of the home state. I will not be forgetting that (interception) anytime soon."

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