Iowa Suffers Setback On Offense

Iowa suffers a 'setback' on offense according to Kirk Ferentz.

On the first day of Rose Bowl coverage, Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz delivered a hint of news and it was not good for the Hawkeyes. As a handful of players for both teams, along with their head coaches, met with media at Disneyland California for the Welcome Press Conference, Kirk Ferentz delivered a statement to expect some pretty negative news at some point this week.

"We had a setback on the offensive side of the ball, physically, so I'll make an announcement when everyone has a shot," Ferentz addressed a handful of media members in Los Angeles. 

It is not known what player is involved, or what the extent of the setback is, but it sounds like a particular Iowa offensive player has already been deemed unavailable for the 102nd Rose Bowl when the Hawkeyes take on Stanford. 

Iowa has dealt with the injury bug all year and this will be another test of their will, one that they have passed consistently this entire season. 

A few players that the news does not pertain to are senior running back Jordan Canzeri, who pointed out that he has been practicing and appears ready to rock on January 1 when the ball is kicked. Wideout Tevaun Smith has had his share of the bumps and bruises this year, after taking a few strong hits to his upper body but he is in good spirts and is fully healthy after the couple weeks of rest. 

Stay tuned to Scout for the latest regarding the most recent injured Iowa football player.

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