Iowa OC Greg Davis Press Conference Notes

News and notes from Iowa offensive coordinator Greg Davis' press conference.

Iowa offensive coordinator Greg Davis met with the media earlier this morning to discuss the Rose Bowl and the Hawkeyes' opponent, Stanford. Scout was on hand for the gathering and delivers you the significant news and notes that came out of the event and what the Iowa assistant had to say five days before the big showdown in Pasadena.


"Well, anytime you talk about the Rose Bowl, you talk about "The Granddaddy of Them All," so we're excited. I think our fans are excited. I know our players are. So the preparation at home was really good. This team has been extremely resilient during the course of the year. Since we've been out here, we've had two or three practices, and all of those have been very good. The Rose Bowl, the hospitality is unbelievable. It's like none other that I've been to. So it's an extremely exciting time."

"The Michigan State game obviously was disappointing, but immediately the next day we found out we were coming to the Rose Bowl, so our guys were extremely excited about it, and we are excited about playing a team like Stanford that's had such a rich history in what they've done. And Coach Shaw and his staff and what they've done over the last five or six years has been amazing. So we look at it as a great challenge and also as a great opportunity."

"When people ask me about the Rose Bowl, to me when you're arriving with your football team, you're kind of coming through this little neighborhood and you're thinking there is no way there could be a big stadium out here, and you come over this little knoll and you look down to a mass sea of humanity and people. It's almost like a state fair mentality and the mountains are in the background, and then you realize, okay, this is why they call it "The Granddaddy of Them All". It's really a tremendous environment and you're always playing a quality football team."


"Well, throughout the year Kirk (Ferentz) has talked about it, kind of had the mindset of next man in. So we'll be relatively healthy. I know (SID Steve Roe) released that Jake Duzey got hurt yesterday in practice and will not be available for the ballgame. But we've got some guys coming back that we haven't had over the last couple of weeks. Ike Boettger was able to practice yesterday, Boone Myers looks like he'll be fine. Jordan Canzeri got hurt in the championship game, but was able to return to practice yesterday. So all in all, I'd say we'll be pretty healthy for the ballgame."


"They would probably remind me of Wisconsin because they're a 3-4 team. They base everything out of a 3-4 (alignment). One thing that you notice when you start looking at Stanford is the number of linebackers, number of athletes that they have, and because they play a bunch of linebackers, they're able to create both the three-down and a four-down front. So your team has to really be in tune to what kind of structure you're seeing. But in terms of who they remind me of, they would remind me of Wisconsin, who is also a 3-4 team."


"Yeah, C.J.'s done a great job. He's an extremely bright guy, and we put a lot on our quarterback, both in the run game and in the pass game. Obviously, we give him a play in the huddle, but he has the ability to take that play and switch sides. He can go from run to run, run to pass, pass to run. He has quite a bit of autonomy at the line of scrimmage. So when you're playing a team like Stanford who will give you multiple fronts, you'll be looking at a four-down front-one snap, and the next snap will be some kind of three-down structure. Your quarterback has to be in tune to what's happening. Has to be a very bright guy."

"And C.J. has shown during the course of the year that he can handle that. And as the year has gone on, we've given him more and more things that he can do at the line of scrimmage."

"He's got an extremely quick arm. I was asked to describe that, and the best way I can describe it is from the time the mind says open until the ball leaves the hand it does not take him long. The ball comes out. He's a tough guy. He's very smart. He can extend plays. He can make plays with his feet. So he's got a lot of the tools that you look for in  outstanding quarterbacks. On top of all that he's a winner."


"Then I think the fact we're able to run the ball so much better this year than we have in the last couple of years. Part of that is the offensive line, which was a huge question in August. I mean, every question I took in August was about the offensive tackles, and they certainly have done a good job. Then Cole Croston was a guy nobody knew in August, and he's actually played more snaps at tackle for us this year than either Boone (Myers) or Ike (Boettger). Austin Blythe (has been) the anchor in the middle. And then I think it would be wrong of me not to mention Brian Ferentz and the job he's done with the people up front."

"Then Jordan (Canzeri) for the most part stayed healthy, even though he missed a little bit, he stayed healthy. LeShun's been in and out a little bit. But also Akrum Wadley. Wadley is a guy that we knew at the end of last year can do things that you can't coach. He's got great vision. He's got lateral movement. But last year he had a hard time remembering that the football was pretty important. So he really dedicated himself, especially through fall camp, of understanding and how to take care of the ball. Then I think (running backs coach) Chris White pointed some things out to him about not just ball security but Akrum was a big spinner. As he would enter into the darkened alley, so to speak, he was always spinning. When he was doing that, a lot of times he was making people miss, but the ball was also coming away from the body. So it was just a matter of showing him that we want you to run naturally, but as you do that, we also want you to realize how to take care of the ball."

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