Iowa DE Drew Ott Updates Recovery Status

Iowa defensive end Drew Ott feels like he's ahead of schedule in his recovery.

Iowa defensive end Drew Ott took the podium today at the Rose Bowl Media Day at the L.A. Hotel. He's been sidelined after undergoing both ACL surgery in his knee and Tommy John surgery in his elbow. Ott has exhausted all of his eligibility but they're hoping to get good news from the NCAA in terms of being granted another year at Iowa. He played in six games this season, but was limited in a couple, so Ott and the University of Iowa have sent in a request for a medical waiver.

Neither Ott or the University of Iowa have heard one way or the other thus far.

"The (request) has been sent in," the defensive end confirmed. "They're making a decision on it. I don't really know how it all works. We just have to see and wait."

The senior also shared some information on where he's at in the recovery stage and what lies ahead in his road back to 100 percent health. He's now moving around without a brace, crutches, scooter, or sling.

"I started strengthening my arm a couple days ago," Ott explained. "I'm out of my arm brace. I'm going to begin running in a couple of weeks."

"I'd like to think I'm a little ahead of schedule. It's been going well for me. There haven't been any real setbacks of any kind. I don't have any real dates set for when to be ready. I just have little dates set here and there. I'm doing my best to rehab both body parts."

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