Iowa Commit Romeo McKnight's Recovery Ahead of Schedule

Iowa commit Romeo McKnight tore his ACL at the end of October but his recovery is ahead of schedule.

Good news came to Iowa during Rose Bowl media sessions when Drew Ott told Scout that his recovery process was ahead of schedule. He had surgery to repair a torn ACL in addidtion to having Tommy John surgery. 

Similary, the Hawkeyes are the recipient of good news in regards to defensive end commit Romeo McKnight. The three-star senior from Crystal Lake, Illinois in the Chicago area tore his ACL at the end of October. McKnight had surgery to repair the ligament and is now in the middle of rehabilitation. It's a long process but one that is ahead of schedule according to his mother Michele.

"The doctor says he's ahead of schedule and physical therapy is going great," she said in a message to Scout. "Of course being an athlete, it is hard for him not doing everything that he wants to do right now. But it's looking like he may get the go-ahead to start jogging in a few weeks and I think that will help him a lot mentally."

McKnight's speedy healing and hard work towards marching back to full strength could provide him an opportunity to practice with the Hawkeyes early on in the Fall. They were told it would be a 10-month process which would be up at the end of August. They're hoping he'll be back to action sooner than that.

"I am not sure how his progress will continue but if all goes well, he should be running by June when he gets to campus and starts working with Coach Doyle and his staff," Michele McKnight shared. "He should be able to practice with the guys for camp in August but he will have June and July with the trainers in Iowa while he attends summer school. That will be a big plus to get that traning and build up the strength before camp. The 10 months comes up at the end of August but but being ahead of schedule, maybe it will be July."

The McKnights were in Iowa City this past weekend for their offiical visit with the Hawkeyes' coaching staff, top targets, and other commits. It was a great opportunity for everyone to become acquainted with one another.

"All the boys got a long super great this past weekend," Romeo's mother told Scout. "It gave them a chance to get to know each other better. It's such a great group of guys, as well as the families. Everyone just meshed very well. With the kids we have coming in for the 2016 and 2017 classes, Iowa has a bright future. There's a lot of talent. Romeo is super excited to get out there."

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