Iowa Crushes Illinois: The Takeaways

Iowa crushes Illinois 77-65.

Iowa was just too much for Illinois. They smashed the Fighting Illini for the majority of the game. The score got closer than the game really was as the Hawkeyes left Champaign with a 77-65 win. Iowa is now 10-1 in Big Ten play.

Peter Jok lead all scorers with 23 points. Three others reached double figures as Jarrod Uthoff had 18 and Adam Woodbury and Anthony Clemmons supplied 10 points.

Jarrod Uthoff and Adam Woodbury had double-doubles. Uthoff had 18 points and 12 rebounds while Adam Woodbury added 10 points and 14 rebounds.

Scout provides the takeaways.


The difference in this Iowa team from the others in the past under Fran McCaffery is their suffocating defense. Even the shots Illinois converted were contested. Woodbury is great at protecting the rim, Gesell and Clemmons shut down the ball, the help defense has been there, Peter Jok has forced several turnovers, and Jarrod Uthoff's length allows him to get his hand on plenty of shots.


Outside of the Maryland game, there seems like there's always one hot hand to ride. Sometimes it is Jarrod Uthoff, sometimes it is Peter Jok, and sometimes it is even Nicholas Baer, Anthony Clemmons, or Dom Uhl. There's a ton of shooters and it's impossible to put a lid on all of them at the same time. 


Early in the season Mike Gesell was converting a lot of deep twos, in the 15-foot range. That weapon of Iowa's offense seemed to disappear the last few weeks but he regained that stroke earlier today against Illinois. That is big for the Hawkeyes to add that to their arsenal and give defenses something else to be aware of and defend.


The deeper the season goes, the better Iowa has become on the offensive glass. That was the case again today against Illinois. They weren't just crashing but they were taking advantage of the second chances. They outmatched Illinois in that category 26-6.


Iowa is a deep team only when they get contributions from their bench. It does no good to go three or four off the bench if those guys aren't producing. In large part they have this year but it did not show itself today. The bench was 1-6 from the field for just five points in the first half.

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