Iowa Offensive Recruiting Board Update

Taking a look at the updated recruiting board on the offensive end for the Iowa Hawkeyes.


He's in the middle of planning a trip to Iowa to check out the Hawkeyes. Lewis has Iowa in the mix and this is one to watch. The Hawkeyes are no stranger to New Jersey and have had their share of success in the state.

Iowa is the lone offer for Fields so this is another that is worth watching. Bobby Kennedy has done well to make a name for the Hawkeyes in the state of Texas.

Iowa is not in the mix here, at least at this time. There's not a lot of contact between the two sides nor is there much traction in this one.


Committed to Florida and going nowhere.

Was once committed to Tennessee but now bound to Dabo Swinney and Clemson. He's a teammate of Toks Akinribade but no need to watch this one.


Iowa leads but Michigan just offered. This is a race that will be tough to hold on. Benjamin visits the Hawkeyes on March 11.

Iowa is his only offer and he likes the Hawkeyes quite a bit and could visit next month. I think he gets in if others don't want in.

This is a guy going under-the-radar right now but he really likes Iowa and plans to visit in June. Tayon Fleet-Davis is someone to know.

I think this is a name to know, too. Iowa is one of his better offers and they've gone into Ohio with success before.

There hasn't been a lot of movement yet with Mohamed Ibrahim but he may be worth keeping an eye on. I still like their chances with guys like Fleet-Davis, Benjamin, and Jarell White more.

Not happening for Iowa. Great player, though.

Sensational prospect but not going to Iowa.

Again, D'Andre Swift is a heck of a player but he won't be going to Iowa.


He's committed to Kentucky but I'm not so sure he ends up there. I think schools like Ohio State, Penn State, or Michigan State could eventually be involved. He's pretty good. I don't think Iowa is a player here, though.


If Iowa lands Djimon Colbert, and I think they will, that could aid them immensely with McQuitty. He's already visited Iowa a couple of times. This one is serious.

I don't think there is a lot going on here but that doesn't mean it's done and over. I think they are in better position with others at this moment.

This one is worth keeping an eye on. Cody White could very well end up in the Iowa class but they may wait and see how they are doing with others first.

Iowa likes Robertson a lot. He's someone that may wait the process out and see what all his options are before getting too serious about his recruitment. But this is a heck of a player and one the Hawkeyes think they'll be in the race for.

Shavers doesn't have a lot of offers and Iowa plucked two wideouts out of Texas a couple of years ago in Jerminic Smith and Emmanuel Ogwo. It's not serious yet but it's one not to completely ignore.

I have a hard time believing Iowa will be much of a player for a prospect from California.

I think Danny Davis stays close to home. He'll have some good options locally.

Jaylen Harris will likely end up closer to home. He has some good options and they'll only get better from here on.


Coons was a great early get for Iowa. He could play tight end or outside linebacker. The in-state prospect from Solon is solid to the Hawkeyes.


Kmet committed early to Notre Dame and Iowa is fine at tight end. Nothing happening here.


Wirfs committed to Iowa early on. He's a Scout 300 prospect and a four-star offensive tackle. Great get.

Kallenberger is a top target for Iowa. The Bettendorf native is a Hawkeye lean but won't make a decision until he visits Oklahoma. The Sooners have not offered but he believes one is close. I think this goes Iowa's way but Oklahoma is a school to watch.

Micah Clark is a fine-looking prospect but I don't see him and the Hawkeyes getting together.


And it may be a sign but Iowa has yet to offer an interior offensive lineman.


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