Sensational List Of Visitors Set To Embark On Iowa

An incredible list of visitors will embark on Iowa City this Sunday. What are the headlines going in and could Iowa expect any good news?


He's visiting Kansas Saturday and Iowa on Sunday. Colbert confirmed to Scout that he also has a planned visit to Nebraska slated for March 12 and intends on taking that trip. He'll make a decision soon after and explained that he's taking these trips to confirm his choice because he is leaning to a school some point. The visits are to make sure one last time. I think there's still a possibility the visit to Nebraska may not happen. We'll see. I fully believe Iowa is the school that he's leaning towards.

Kallenberger wasn't supposed to visit this weekend. He had already visited for the first junior day so didn't plan on returning for another. But he is and that speaks volumes to me. He mentioned wanting to visit Oklahoma before making a college decision but this smells like him going to campus to commit to the staff.

The safety from Indianapolis was recently offered by Iowa along with two of his other teammates. I think Iowa is in great shape here. They've been in contact with Stewart for a while even before the offer was extended. I think he's leaning towards the Hawkeyes and the visit could be enough to push him over the top.

Rowell could be a running back or a safety. I like him at a safety. There's a lot of safeties that like Iowa. The Hawkeyes offered Rowell a while ago, however. That shows how much they like him. I think he really likes Iowa, too. But there's him, Colbert, Keontae Jones, and Ben Stewart. Four safeties won't be in this class so this weekend will go a long way in deciding how that shakes out. Could Stewart bump up to linebacker? Could Keontae Jones play cornerback? Could Rowell be the running back in the class? Colbert is probably locked in as a safety.


He's not on commit watch necessarily but I think Jones is still probably the most important visitor on the weekend. The other prospects have a much easier time to make visits to Iowa. They can nearly visit the Hawkeyes anytime they want because of proximity. That is not the case for Cincinnati prospect Keontae Jones. Usually with prospects that far away, you have no chance if you don't get them on campus before the Fall. Iowa gets Keontae Jones on campus in the Spring. That is huge. He comes at a position of need and is a very good prospect the Hawkeyes hve targeted early. 

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Iowa State has already offered Dykstra. I think Iowa should but it could depend on how many offensive tackle or linemen they want. They already have Tristan Wirfs and are likely to land Mark Kallenberger. Dykstra is very good, though, and his offer sheet should only increase. He's a 6-foot-6, 290 pound senior-to-be.

Iowa hasn't necessarily zeroed in on a quarterback yet. They've offered one from New Jersey and one from Texas but they haven't turned up the heat on either just yet. Jonathan Lewis of New Jersey does want to visit and they're the only school to offer Kamron Fields of Texas. But a part of me believes Iowa will give Rocky Lombardi every chance to impress them enough to earn an offer. He's also a fantastic wrestler. He visited for the first junior day as well.

Minnesota just offered the in-state defensive end of Mid-Prairie H.S. in Wellman. He's a good looking prospect and this could come down to space in Iowa's class as well. They already have two defensive ends committed in A.J. Epenesa and Coy Kirkpatrick after taking a huge haul at the position a year ago.

Like Dykstra, Nank is another in-state 6-foot-6 offensive lineman with a lot of upside. Does Iowa have the space for a third offensive tackle in the class and do they award it to in-state guys like Dykstra or Nank? Alex Kleinow is another in-state tackle. There could be five in-state offensive lineman that end up with FBS schools. It is a deep year for in-state talent across the board.

The running back from Illinois already holds offers from the Illini, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Syracuse among others. I think the Hawkeyes join the mix on Sunday. I predict that an offer will be extended and Iowa should be able to contend.

Hammer is another prospect from Illinois looking to add an offer from Iowa on Sunday. I'm not so sure he gets it. He plays tight end and the Hawkeyes added three of them in the 2016 group. Current commit Jacob Coons could be a tight end or some like him at outside linebacker. Could Hammer play another position?

Thomas was awarded his first offer today, from Wyoming. I thik he's a high upside cornerback and looks like the prototype that defensive coaches search for nowadays. He is all of 6-foot-2 or 6-foot-3 and has incredible length and hips. He's very skinny and could stand to tack on 10-15 pounds while keepng his athleticism. Teams are probably going to want to verify his speed. I think he's a heck of a prospect and discovered him myself the summer before his sophomore year during a camp in Kansas City. He should approach double-digit offers before it's all said and done. He and Iowa have been in contact for a while so the Hawkeyes would be in good shape if they were to offer.

He's a teammate of Djimon Colbert so Iowa would be in good shape if they were to offer and he's a wide receiver from Kansas that could land double-digit offers as well. The Hawkeyes are no stranger here. I think he gets offered at some point but not sure it is this weekend.

He missed a lot of the last two seasons because of a shoulder deal but he has a ton of potential and looks like a million bucks on the hoof. He could be a diamond in the rough. I like him but he's going to have to prove he has top-end speed and explosion. He's 6-foot-2 and 195 pounds and just looks like a power 5 prospect. I think he may have some more work to show college teams but he's in the discussion.

If it wasn't for Trevor Trout, Craddieth would be the top player in Missouri for the 2018 class. And he'd probaby be the top player in a usual year. The 2018 class in Missouri is loaded at the top with those two and quarterback Kaleb Eleby. Craddieth should get offered this weekend.

Iowa State has already offered the 2018 quarterback from the St. Louis area. Teams like to go slower with quarterbacks most of the time so I'm not sure the Hawkeyes offer this week but I think they offer at some point. He's arriving early to Iowa so he can sit down with assistant Greg Davis and break down film so that he can learn more of what he needs to improve on. He's a student of the game and has a very promising future.


In addition to quarterback Kaleb Eleby and Dallas Craddieth, there will be other 2018 stars on hand. The quantity isn't there but the quality expected in Iowa City Sunday might be superior to the 2017 group.

He's a speed demon and a future wide receiver at the next level that also hails from a powerhouse in the St. Louis area in Christian Brothers College. Their running back Tre Bryant signed with Nebraska in February. The Huskers have offered Babb as well in addition to Iowa and Missouri. It's a good sign for the Hawkeyes to be in on him early and to receive a visit at this stage.

I've seen Trout in person a few times and was the first to discover him when he was a high school freshman while I was the recruiting analyst in Missouri at the time. He was already a 6-foot-4, 270 pound defensive end at the time with no bad weight to speak of. He was still figuring out how to play and get off blocks with regularity but was extremely advanced for a first-year player and had the size and measurables of a future high four-star or five-star prospect. He's that good. Iowa was smart to get on him early. He's a different kind of kid that isn't enamored with blueblood programs. He's very academically inclined and less likely to be persuaded by glitz, glamour, trophies, and rings on visits. He'll be a national prospect at some point and should be already. He'll be a tough get but this is a monster of a lineman visiting the Hawkeyes early.

Stepp is one of the top 2018 prospects in the midwest and was one of three players from Cathedral High School in Indianapolis to recently haul in an offer from the Hawkeyes. There won't be any fireworks here of any kind and this will likely be just introductory for the most part. But it's a good sign he's making his way to Iowa so soon after being offered. He already holds other offers from Notre Dame, Michigan State, and Tennessee among others.

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