Iowa DE Drew Ott's Appeal For Extra Year Denied

Drew Ott's appeal for an extra year of eligibility has been denied by the NCAA.

It's time for the NFL for Iowa defensive end Drew Ott according to a source. After having elbow and knee surgery to repair torn ligaments in both hinge, Ott sent in a request for an extra year of eligibility. After a series of denials and more appeals, the final decision did not go in Iowa's favor.

The NCAA has denied Ott's appeal according to the same source. He did appear in 6 of 14 games in 2015 despite a limited number of snaps in games such as North Texas, Iowa State, Pittsburgh, and Illinois. That likely was something that the Big Ten and the NCAA could not shake. Iowa used similar cases to build a case of their own but it could not get the decision-makers to budge off of their stance. 

Ott was a four-year letterwinner for the Hawkeyes and will now take his loaded resume at Iowa with him to the NFL. It was his hope that he could play another year with the Hawkeyes, a healthy one, so that he could improve on his professional football outlook. He would obviously be viewed much better if he was able to participate in a full season and at full health.

It would be in the athlete's best interest for the NCAA to allow Ott another year at the college level to improve his chances at a professional future. However, they did not rule that way, electing to stick to their rules and not make any exceptions on a player that appeared in nearly 50 percent of the schedule. The snaps were far less but that was obviously not a discussion point. 

Iowa will now lean on Parker Hesse and Matt Nelson at defensive end this upcoming year. I imagine there will also be a splash of Anthony Nelson and possible reps for a true freshman as well. 

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