Fact or Fiction: Iowa Signs Top 25 Recruiting Class in 2017

Hawkeye Insider picks fact or fiction when it comes to the question on whether or not Iowa will sign a top 25 recruiting class in 2017.

Iowa has shot off to a very fast start in the 2017 recruiting cycle. Headliners like Djimon ColbertA.J. Epenesa and Eno Benjamin have catapulted them to the nation's 21st best class after just 10 commitments. It is on pace to eclipse their results from the 2016 cycle that signed last February. 

So it begs the question, fact or fiction, will Iowa sign a top 25 class in February of 2017?

DYLAN BURN: As much as I want to say fact, I think it's fiction.  They are sitting at #21 in our rankings as of right now and while they aren't finished getting commitments from prospects, they may be finished with the four and five star guys.  Even if you look just below Iowa you see Michigan State, Baylor, and USC.  Those teams are bound to bring in more four and five star talent, which will only result in them jumping the Hawkeyes.  There are several top flight recruits that have yet to commit and I think once things start to take shape, Iowa gets bumped out of the top 25, but not by much.  I still really like the class that they've put together thus far in 2017, though.

DEREK YOUNG: I'm going to say fiction as well, but for reasons differing from Dylan. He cites other schools jumping ahead of Iowa, and he isn't wrong, but it may have more to do with sheer numbers than results. Mark Kallenberger could very well add a fourth star to his ranking, Juan Harris could add a third, and Levi Duwa and Tristan Wirfs could also receive boosts as well. 

That doesn't factor in Kamron Fields jumping on board and claiming three-star status down the road and the possibilities of additions like Zach DykstraShamond GreenwoodEddie LewisMaurice BellKeontae JonesJosiah ScottColin Anderson, or Jordan Rowell. All are in the discussion for Iowa and all have the arrow pointed upward in their trajectory. There's also a receiver like Oliver Martin of Iowa City West that is a sleeper at this point but worthy of heavy recruiting attention. I think the star power could very well be there. The star power could turn out greater than it was in the 2016 cycle that didn't miss the top 25 by much.

The difference in the two classes could be quality to a certain extent, but moreso quantity. They signed 24 prospects in 2016 but the ceiling for signees in 2017 could arrive at under 20 in all likelihood with only 13 scholarship players set to graduate in the next year. 

Top 25 or not, the Iowa class in 2017 is reaping the rewards of the Rose Bowl season and will be one the Hawkeye staff will likely be very proud of on the first Wednesday in February of 2017. 


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