The Shadow Lurks At Media Day

My Dark Friend conned someone into letting him attend Media Day. He lurked around in the shadows of a very hot Iowa sunny day. As usual, he has his own take on the event that transpired and about those in attendance.

1. The size of the Hawkeyes continues to grow along with the better talent pool. A few Hawks who showed remarkable growth in size and strength were Fred Russell, Chad Greenway, Ed Hinkel, Calvin Davis and Matt Roth. Others such as Bob Sanders, Abdul Hodge, Edmond Miles, and Maurice Brown, continued to remain as some of the most sculpted Hawkeyes. Freshman Albert Young already has a sculpted body with veins popping out of his forearms and biceps. He looks three inches taller that Russell and about 15 pounds heavier. In other words, he looks physically mature enough for the Big Ten.

2. Some of the Hawks who appear to need more size were Matt Neubauer, Bryan Mattison, Antwan Allen, Herb Grigsby and Jovon Johnson. A few players, such as Sean Considine and Howard Hodges, are among the strongest and/or most athletic Hawkeyes which may not be shown by their bodies.

3. Speaking of Albert Young, it was easy to see that the young man does not lack confidence. He came to Iowa ready to play, as evidenced by his body, and has no plans to take a redshirt.

4. Fellow Jersey native, WR James Townsend, has reportedly entered practice and already made his mark as one of the fastest Hawks. In fact, by next spring, there were quite a few who believed he will be the fastest Hawkeye on the team. He is the best burner the Hawks have brought in at WR since Tim Dwight, but he will need to work on all the other skills as a wide receiver. He also does not lack confidence as he walked around with a walk that could only be called a swagger.

5. The true freshman wide receiver receiving the most recognition as the guy to play right away this fall is Scott Chandler. Although he is not as thick as his 260 pound brother, Nathan, do not think that he is not muscular. He looks wiry, but ripped in his own way. In addition, he is taller than the Hawkeye QB. Standing next to Nathan in the Texas native photo op, Scott was clearly taller than Nathan. He is up to around 220 pounds and is described by onlookers of practice as sneaky quick and sneaky fast. Scott could create severe match-up problems for other Big Ten programs. Not only is his size a big factor, but Scott has shown the ability to catch anything that comes near him. He should push for playing time also as he has probably played catch for years with the Hawkeye quarterback.

6. A.J. Johnson is in great shape at a little under 220. He actually looks lighter than his reported weight. His conditioning program has included getting up at 4:30 in the morning to lift weights with Kyle "Bonecrusher" Williams, a former high school teammate in Bolingbrook, Illinois. His huge thighs look like a fullback waiting to happen as Chris Doyle could easily add the bulk to his upper body to get him in the 240 range. Whether it happens this fall or not will likely depend on the development of Paul Wilson and the health of Jermelle Lewis.

7. Do not expect Khaliq Price to contribute this fall. The speedster from New Jersey still has a lot to learn as a corner, and is a project at this time. This next year will be very big in his development. He looks a legit 6-2 and appears to have the frame to carry more than 200 pounds. Could playing safety be in his future?.

8. Even if Richard Kittrell had fully qualified, sources informed me that he may not have contributed this fall. Although, hopefully, the clearing house problem will be solved in the Big Human's favor.

9. The Hawks still have a lot of open official visit invitations for the Arizona State game, mainly on the offensive side of the ball. Do not be surprised to see many of their elite offensive line prospects visit that weekend, including Jeff Byers and Kyle Mitchum.

10. Who was the most impressive physical specimen on the field at media day? David Walker would get some votes as the wide body left guard has arms that look bigger than Fred Russell's waist. However, when I discussed this very question with Mo Brown, I settled on Matt Roth as he reminds me of the former Dallas Cowboy all time great DT, Randy White. The Cowboy players nicknamed White as "Manimal", part man and part animal. That description appears to fit the now 270 pound Roth. All the players that I discussed this with agreed that Matt has not lost any speed with his increase in girth. That is very bad news for all opposing quarterbacks. Mo agreed but added that another member of the defense shares the same killer instinct that Roth does. "Abdul Hodge will rule the middle much like Roth will the flank", added Brown.

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