Fact or Fiction: Ryan Boyle's Move to WR Becomes Permanent

Fact or Fiction this week covers whether or not Iowa wideout Ryan Boyle's move to receiver during the Spring Game is a permanent change.

One position Iowa is looking to re-tool for the 2016 season is at wide receiver. They lose graduating seniors Tevaun Smith and Jacob Hillyer, plus the transfer of Andre Harris. They also were only able to sign only wideout in the 2016 class after Frank Darby did not originally qualify before switching his commitment to Arizona State. 

Coming back isn't a widely proven group outside of Matt VandeBerg. Jerminic Smith only has two starts under his belt and is entering just his sophomore year. Riley McCarron has few memorable moments outside of his touchdown reception against Iowa State in Jack Trice Stadium a year ago. Jay Scheel's production and impact has yet to catch up with the hype. Jonathan Parker has yet to settle into any kind of role outside of jet sweeps. Adrian Falconer saw time as a true freshman but the snaps were few and far in between. 

One experiment that went into action for the Spring Game was redshirt freshman Ryan Boyle moving from signal caller to receiver. It had some positive immediate results but it's yet to be determined whether the change in position is permanent.

Which leads us to our question. Fact or fiction, Ryan Boyle becomes a permanent receiver?

DYLAN: Fact. Boyle was outstanding in the Spring Game and was really one of the nice surprises for the Hawkeyes on that day. He's about 6-foot-2 and 190 pounds so he has the size to succeed at wideout. He's also a very athletic kid.  When you consider Iowa has C.J. Beathard, Tyler Wiegers, Drew Cook, Ryan Schmidt, Nate Stanley and then possibly Kamron Fields and/or Peyton Mansell, there isn't a lot of space there for Boyle. Iowa is thin at the receiver spot and I think Boyle could possibly help them there as early as this season.

Derek Young/SCOUT

DEREK: Fact. I'll be the first to say that I expected a change in position from one of the quarterbacks but I thought Drew Cook was the likely candidate. However the need at wideout may have trumped that and Boyle's athletic ability and playmaking talent was more of a fit than Cook. The immediate results were very promising and it's hard to turn your back on that when the transition breeds that kind of success instantly. 

I'm still not sure what kind of impact he has in 2016 at receiver but I think they are in need of guys that can contribute. The light has seemed to turn on for Scheel and Jerminic Smith has a load of talent. But aside from the seniors, they don't seem to be overly optimistic about anyone else on the roster. Parker is limited in what he can do. The spring showed no indications that Falconer or Ogwo were ascending up the ladder. It's possible Boyle could play meaningful snaps at wideout in 2016 but this might be a move thinking a year ahead. The position looks even more grim once McCarron and VandeBerg depart. 

But to answer the question, I think it's permanent. I think they need help at wideout and feel that at some point, this year or next, Boyle can contribute. 


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