Jared Reiner's Diary from Down Under

The Iowa Men's Basketball team is touring in Australia this summer, preparing for an exciting 2003-2004 season. Senior center Jared Reiner has been taking some notes exclusively for HawkTalkOnline and has filed this report on some of the social experiences of the trip.

Our journey from Iowa City to Aydney, Australia was only 31 hours and included a 15 hour flight from Los Angeles and a run-in with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Tuesday, Aug. 12 We arrived in Sydney at 6 a.m. local time and went straight to motel and had breakfast. Our group included Robert and Elizabeth Allsop, who are close friends with the Iowa program, 10 players, three managers, five coaches, tour guides Erik Evans and Steven Sundin, and the backbone of Iowa basketball, John Streif.

After lunch at the Hard Rock Café we checked in to our hotel and then took a ferry to Manly Beach. Almost everyone went to bed early since we lost August 11 due to travel.

Wednesday, Aug. 13

We toured the famous Sydney Opera House and took a ferry to the Sydney Zoo before heading off to practice at the Angelican Grammar School. After a short practice we went on the Captain Look dinner cruise that went all throughout the Sydney Harbor. We have found the Australian people to be extremely friendly and that Australia is extremely Americanized. The weirdest part about Australia is the fact that they drove on the ‘wrong' side of the road and there are hardly and SUV's on the road.

Thursday, Aug. 14

We woke up and some people in our party toured Sydney on Harley Davidson motorcycles. We then toured and climbed the Sydney Harbor bridge. The entire climb took over three hours, but was well worth it. There were only a few people that actually "admitted" they were scared, but since we were all chained to a bungy cord cable thing, and hundreds of meters about the ground, we were all scared.

We played our first game tonight and won in overtime against the Sydney Kings, 100-99. The gym that we played in had dim lights, a dark wooden floor and seating for about 500 roudy fans. We started off fast, but with early foul trouble and jitters, they led most of the contest.

Reiner tipped in the game winning basket in that first game. Iowa dropped game two, 133-124. Reiner is averaging 13 points and 10 rebounds per game through the first two games in Australia.

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