Luka Garza Close to Cutting his List

The Maret School big man, Luka Garza, says he's getting closer to shortening his list of potential schools.

Over the past few months, D.C. area big man, Luka Garza, has burst onto the scene catching the eye of many schools around the country.  He holds a handful of offers, including his latest from Virginia Tech.  Along with the Hokies, some of his notable offers are from Georgetown, Georgia, and Indiana, along with the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Garza visited the Hawkeyes back in May and came away really impressed on that visit.  So impressed, that he claims he'll likely be taking another.  

"Yes, we have been talking about a third return," he said when asked if he'd be making another appearance in Iowa City.  Plans seems to be in the works, but nothing is set in stone quite yet. "I don't know when (the visit) it'll be yet," he told Scout.

The talented big man broke into the Scout Top100 not too long ago due to his rising stock, which has just kept going up since.  He has performed well at camps and on the AAU circuit with Team Takeover.  Right now, Garza is out in Hawaii training for his senior season and beyond with his Dad, Grandpa, and his father's college coach.

He's been so hot on the recruiting trail lately, that he's going to have to trim his list at some point.

"I'm still open at this point and I plan on cutting my list down soon," he told Scout. "Until I cut it, I can't really put certain schools over others."

When asked when he'd be cutting his list down, he replied with "in about a week or two."

Garza is very high on the Hawkeyes which should propel them moving forward.

"I really like Iowa and the opportunity that I have there," he pointed out. "The best thing is how long and consistent they've been recruiting me.  They've watched my game develop and have supported me throughout the process."

Garza still has plenty of options on the table and some more will surely come along as he progresses through his senior season.  But right now, the Hawkeyes are squarely in the mix for his services.

He would be a welcomed addition to an Iowa team that will be rather small this upcoming season.  

Garza noted some goals he has entering his final year of high school basketball. They were simple, clear, and concise.

"I want to win our league and the state championship."

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