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Iowa Football: Redshirt or No Redshirt 3.0

Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz expects as many as 10 true freshmen to play or as few as 5-6. I predict 7.

Derek Young of Hawkeye Insider takes his third glance at which true freshmen will redshirt and which ones will see the field right away as Iowa has completed fall camp and only has a few more practices remaining before they begin to prepare for Miami (Ohio). Iowa signed 24 in the 2016 class that enrolled over the summer. However one already left school in safety Lance Billings, dwindling that number down by one. 

The Hawkeyes also will add safety Noah Clayberg of Pella, Iowa. The incoming freshmen won't join the football team until January as he begins as a gray-shirt player, meaning he can't join the team until after this season but will go on scholarship. 

For this version, won't be included, as we analyze the outlook of all 23 true freshmen on campus.


QUARTERBACK NATE STANLEY: With news that Stanley has already passed up Drew Cook on the depth chart and is contending with Wiegers for the back-up role, this one is tricky. It depends on who you think next year's starter will be. I'll keep it safe for now but there's a real possibility that he plays this year. Redshirt.

RUNNING BACK TOREN YOUNG: According to the coaches, both of the true freshmen running backs have a shot to contribute this early. I think they'll only pick one and I don't think it will be Toren. Redshirt.

RUNNING BACK TOKS AKINRIBADE: He's a bit more of an athlete than Toren is which could make him more valuable on special teams. That probably gives him the nod among the running backs. No Redshirt.

WIDE RECEIVER DEVONTE YOUNG: I've been wrong on this one all along. He's going to play. His chances likely increased even more with Emmanuel Ogwo leaving the program, Frank Darby not signing, and Andre Harris also bolting in the offseason. A little thin here. No Redshirt.

WIDE RECEIVER SHAUN BEYER: The wide receiver spot is thin but it's fairly new for Beyer who's been a tight end and linebacker prospect mostly. Redshirt.

TIGHT END T.J. HOCKENSON: Both tight ends have a shot to play according to the coaches. But I think Pekar has a role and of course Kittle does. I think they can get by with three if they would rather redshirt one. And they probably do. Hockenson is likely who would redshirt. Redshirt.

TIGHT END NOAH FANT: They need a freshman to play at this position. I think it's Fant. No Redshirt.

OFFENSIVE TACKLE ALARIC JACKSON: He was the prized recruit amongst the three linemen they signed but he's probably furthest from being ready at this point. Redshirt.

OFFENSIVE GUARD COLE BANWART: I think he's a valuable contributor down the road but not this year. Redshirt.

CENTER SPENCER WILLIAMS: Spencer is likely the starting center for Iowa at some point in his career but he'll have to wait his turn. Redshirt.

DEFENSIVE END CHAUNCEY GOLSTON: Bright future and his work ethic, hustle, and motor have made him a favorite. Size might keep him off the field for now. Needs some bulk. Redshirt.

DEFENSIVE END BRANDON SIMON: He should be a nice reincarnation of Nate Meier and Parker Hesse at some point in his career and redshirt like they did as well. Redshirt.

DEFENSIVE END ROMEO MCKNIGHT: Last season's ACL tear probably keeps him on the sideline this year. Redshirt.

DEFENSIVE TACKLE CEDRICK LATTIMORE: Probably the most impactful true freshman for the Hawkeyes this season. Going to play a lot along the defensive line in my opinion. No Redshirt.

DEFENSIVE TACKLE AUSTIN SCHULTE: Not fully recovered from injury yet. Redshirt.

LINEBACKER KRISTIAN WELCH: Athletic enough to contribute on special teams but more of a project right now as a linebacker. Redshirt.

LINEBACKER NICK NIEMANN: Think he redshirts as he's not on the first two units at linebacker just yet. Redshirt.

LINEBACKER AMANI JONES: I had a linebacker pegged to have his redshirt burned this year but I predicted it to be Barrington Wade. I was wrong. It's going to be Amani Jones. No Redshirt.

LINEBACKER KYLE TAYLOR: They may have a second linebacker play this season, and if they do, it might be Kyle Taylor. I'll say no though for now. Redshirt.

LINEBACKER BARRINGTON WADE: Needs a year in the weight room. Redshirt.

CORNERBACK CEDRIC BOSWELL: He's a nice looking player but too many ahead of him at cornerback as of now. Redshirt.

CORNERBACK MANNY RUGAMBA: He'll see the field this year, no question. No Redshirt.

SAFETY AMANI HOOKER: I don't think this one has been totally decided yet but I think he'll at least contribute on special teams. They may need him at safety to some degree a year from now. No Redshirt.


No Redshirt (7): Toks Akinribade, Devonte Young, Noah Fant, Cedrick Lattimore, Amani Jones, Manny Rugamba, Amani Hooker

Redshirt (16): Nate Stanley, Toren Young, Shaun Beyer, T.J. Hockenson, Alaric Jackson, Cole Banwart, Spencer Williams, Chauncey Golston, Brandon Simon, Romeo McKnight, Austin Schulte, Kristian Welch, Nick Niemann, Barrington Wade, Kyle Taylor, Cedric Boswell


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