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Fact or Fiction: Iowa Scores 40 in Opener

Derek and Dylan of Hawkeye Insider tell you whether or not it's fact or if it's fiction that the Hawkeyes put 40 points on the scoreboard this Saturday.

We've been over the fact that Miami (OH) was not very good on the defensive side of the football last season.  They were one of the worst defenses in the conference last season in terms of points per game, but did land right in the middle when we're talking about rushing, passing, and total yards given up per contest.

They return a couple of key guys from last year's defense and will get a key contributor from the 2014 season back as well.  They don't have the fire power to really hold the Iowa offense down, but will the Hawkeyes explode for more than 40 points?

Wisconsin's offense, who scored six points on Iowa in their contest in Madison, dropped a 58 spot on Miami last season.  Looking at this Iowa offense compared to last year's Wisconsin offense, I would take the Hawkeyes all day.

So, does Iowa put more than 40 up on the scoreboard?

DEREK: Fiction. I think Iowa wins convincingly but I don't think they'll light up the scoreboard. When the regulars are in on offense, I see them looking to throw often. And as we all know, that's probably a question mark for this team.

Not only are the receivers a bit of a mystery and unproven for the most part, but the offensive line has some convincing and growth to do as well. They weren't exactly overly impressive in pass protection.

I think the coaches will look to really put this part of the game on display to see what the have, for experience, and to figure some things out both from a personnel and chemistry perspective.

I think there will be some nice flashes but also some struggles and growing pains. I think they'll fall just shy of 40.

DYLAN: I'm going to go the opposite direction and say Fact.  I mentioned the fact that the Redhawks gave up a bunch to Wisconsin last year and I do realize that that was nearly a year ago, but the defense didn't get any better or any worse for Miami.  Iowa has two running backs that are capable of breaking off big time runs and I think they both do so in this contest.

That opens up the pass for C.J. Beathard a bit and I think that Greg Davis and Kirk Ferentz let him loose a bit to test out the two young, athletic receivers that he has on the edges.  

I believe getting Jerminic Smith and Jay Scheel comfortable will go a long ways when it comes to week number two in Iowa City against the Cyclones.  These tune up games can be a big confidence booster to young kids that lack experience. 

The Hawkeyes are taking the field for the first time since being blown out by Stanford in the Rose Bowl and unfortunately for the Redhawks, I think that loss gets taken out on them quite a bit.  I don't think Iowa gets to 50, but I do think they get to 40.

The only thing that could come into play is if Ferentz decides to pull Beathard after Iowa gains a sizable lead.  I think C.J. plays three quarters, but Iowa will have already achieved the 40 point goal by that time.

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