Texas WR Beau Corrales Loved Iowa Visit

Georgetown (Texas) wide receiver Beau Corrales loves his Iowa visit.

Wide receiver Beau Corrales of Georgetown (Texas) de-committed earlier in the week from Texas State upon receiving an offer from Iowa. Corrales took it a step further by visiting the Hawkeyes this weekend. The two-star wideout is a definite threat to be in the class.

He shared his thoughts on his brief trip to Iowa City.

"I absolutely loved it," Corrales said. "I was blown away by the facilities and the fans. Meeting with the coaches was great. All of them seem like great guys and they're all on the same page and know what they want and where they want to be headed."

Corrales has also received new interest from Wisconsin and Indiana, and they may be his next offers. He'll continue to consider Texas State as well along with Iowa with no decision timetable being planned just yet.

"I could possibly decide soon," he admitted. "To be 100 percent honest, I have no idea when I will. There's a lot of thought to be put in before I make a big decision like committing. I like Iowa. Texas State is still in the mix for me and if Wisconsin or Indiana decide to offer then they will be, too. As far as visits go, I have nothing else planned."

His conversation with the Iowa staff was very enlightening as the Hawkeye coaches made their pitch.

"They said that the only thing they can promise me is opportunity," Corrales shared. "Whether it be the opportunity to earn a starting spot, the opportunity to succeed in class, or the opportunity to grow as a player and person. They'll also give me everything I need for those things but it's up to me to achieve those things."

"It was very cool," he added. "It was definitely eye-opening. And again I'm not too sure what the next step will be. I'm going to lay low from making any decisions and kind of see where I'm at with everything after a couple weeks and then proceed from there."

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