Greg Coleman Working Hard

Highly-regarded Iowa City West High running back is practicing with the Trojans despite his suspension, according to Coach Dan Dvorak. Get an update on the three-star runner and see if he is still in the University of Iowa's recruiting plans.

Iowa City West High Coach Dan Dvorak let out a deep breath when I asked him about which schools were still recruiting Greg Coleman, his star running back. Dvorak seemed a little frustrated with me. You could tell he was tired of the question.

Unfortunately for the coach, he will face the same inquiry throughout the season no matter how well his Trojans do. The status of Coleman is on many minds, especially those in Iowa City.

"Greg made a terrible decision, and is paying for it," Dvorak said. "We think that he has learned from it and is ready to move on. I really don't feel comfortable talking about his college situation. It's a confidentiality issue. I think you should ask the college coaches."

Well, as most of us know, college coaches can't talk about a prospect until he has signed a national letter of intent.

But some digging led us to several reliable sources close to the Hawkeye Athletic Department that were willing to speak on the subject. has learned that Iowa has not given up on Coleman.

"We are taking a wait-and-see approach" a source said.

Coleman served jail time and was suspended for five games after a run in with Iowa City police this summer.

"I would be very surprised if you could find an Iowa coach to tell you that they have given up on the kid," another source said.

Coleman has remained silent in the media throughout this summer. But our friends at the Michigan Insiders site were able to talk to the senior: Greg Coleman speaks.

Stay tuned on this one.

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