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September Trend Meter for Iowa Recruiting

Taking a look at where Iowa stands with their top targets on the recruiting trail.


Iowa has a great opportunity to land the safety from Detroit. He's a standout with an excellent offer sheet, including one from the in-state Michigan State Spartans. It almost seems like he's looking for a reason not to head to East Lansing. That's good news for the Hawkeyes who have been trending up for him, but Wisconsin has as well.

I have a hard time seeing him heading to Nebraska with the bulk of their defensive line returning and in on several other targets. Wisconsin believes they're in the mix as well but they don't tend to land junior college prospects much, just like Iowa. However this is a unique one for the Hawkeyes since he's from Rock Valley, should be fine academically, and is now playing junior college ball in the state of Iowa. He's visiting this weekend which is a great sign.

He's a commit still being chased, particularly by the Illini. There has been no signs of wavering and I believe that he is in it for the long haul.

Trending up isn't the right language to use for this one but I thought it pertinent to include him. He isn't going anywhere at this point. There's no reason for concern. The Nebraska stuff was misinterpreted and then overblown.

He's still hearing from a handful of schools but nothing to indicate cause for concern on this one. Vanderbilt offered a while ago. Other power five programs are interested. All is calm right now, though.

I thought they might have hit the cap on cornerbacks and it could keep him out despite his strong affection for Iowa. He's already taken his official visit. He's definitely a candidate to jump in especially with Calloway fading away and just the mere possibility that Hankins could get away as well. Add in the fact that Yeast is leaning elsewhere and there's a good chance Maxwell ends up a Hawkeye.


There's too much chatter here in regards to other schools for me to be confident that he ends up a Hawkeye. I thought he might just take a visit or two elsewhere but he seems to be taking all five. Folks around the Iowa program were always concerned about Texas, and I believe that's where he signs. There's been some buzz about Arkansas and Nebraska has been a popular school connected to him now as well. I don't necessarily believe in the Arkansas and Nebraska buzz but it shows he's far from committed. For Iowa to hang on they need to hit a home run on his official visit October 22.

Nebraska is definitely in the driver's seat and are the school trending up for him. Are they going to be tough to beat? Yes, but there's a long way to go. This is another official visit on October 22 that Iowa needs to hit a home run on.

He visited Notre Dame a week ago. He visits Michigan this week. I think he still might visit Oregon or Michigan State as well. Another Iowa visit is not out of the question. But from talking to folks close to him, I don't think this is one that lasts much longer. I think they'd like to get it sewn up as soon as possible and I don't believe the Hawkeyes are the selection if so.

I think Iowa is out on him. He's another one that could decide soon from what I'm hearing and if so, the pick is likely Louisville. If not, I'm not sure Iowa is even in the next tier at this point. That would probably be Ole Miss or Auburn.

There was a lot of Iowa buzz on him at one point and he nearly committed to the Hawkeyes soon after his unofficial visit over the summer. But that seems like ages ago and things have shifted dramatically. The Longhorns aren't losing him.

He's another Texan standout that almost committed to Iowa over the summer. It was so close to happening for the Hawkeyes and it would have been huge. However, Texas A&M offered and he committed soon after. Buckley did express a desire to still take an official visit to Iowa but I do not see that taking place.

This is an interesting recruitment because of how unique it is. He doesn't even hold an Iowa offer yet but that does not mean that one is not coming. Green is being pursued by the Hawkeyes to be a defensive tackle. His importance and value goes way up if they feel like they're completely out for Daniels. But right now it's in a holding pattern. There's also some whispers that Green could commit to Minnesota sooner than later.

He visits Iowa a lot. The Hawkeyes stay in contact. However, I just don't see him earning an offer but never say never. 


I think he's firmly still a Hawkeye but I've been told not to rule out an official visit to Michigan at some point. The Wolverines offered Hankins once they realized that their chances for five-star cornerback Darnay Holmes were extremely fading. They'd like to get him on campus and they're trying to convince him to make the trip but so far have been unsuccessful. Sources close to the situation have said that he has/is contemplating it though so stay tuned.

He's still firm to the Hurricanes where he committed a long, long time ago. Iowa really wanted him but lost out during the Spring. Dykstra isn't one to waffle on a decision but South Beach is much different than Spirit Lake and a long way from home. Do his feelings change the closer we get to National Signing Day? There's been no indication of that but I will be keeping a close eye on it.

He's a lineman that could sneak in. Iowa always seems to add an in-state prospect late in the class once they figure out the numbers, realize they can fit another guy in, and Niesen could fit the bill for this class. They don't have an interior line prospect, and don't necessarily have to have one, but if things fall right he could still net an offer at some point. They have been in constant contact with Niesen and have given him some of the same words of encouragement they gave to Shaun Beyer of Cedar Rapids Kennedy a year ago before he accepted an offer on the spot. 


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