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Iowa Blitzes Regis: Derek's Takeaways

Iowa blized Regis in exhibition play Friday Night. Derek Young of Hawkeye Insider provided his takeaways.


I'm not sure what it was because I didn't think they'd struggle to defend the perimeter as bad as they did tonight. There were guys flying open from the three-point line all night for Regis. Iowa certainly has the speed, quickness, and athleticism to where that should not be an issue. They are a much better team defensively when Christian Williams is at point, rather than Bohannon. But they also concede offensive scoring ability with Williams on the floor. Bohannon looks for his own shot much more. 

There's not a lot of 2-guards on this team besides Peter Jok. Everyone else is really a three, such as Maishe Dailey, Dom Uhl, Dale Jones, and Nicholas Baer. And it doesn't appear like Isaiah Moss will get much playing time this year. 


This team's length and athleticism will make them a terror on the offensive glass. But they do lack the size on the defensive class when it takes a more physical style. I think Cook, Pemsl, and Wagner are more than capable but I think they're going to need some games to understand what the task and challenge will look like without Woodbury. Defense in the post is going to be fine, I believe. The rebounding will be an item to watch. But they're going to rebound their butts off on the offensive end. 


I'm just happy to see him out there playing basketball again after yet another knee injury a year ago. He didn't particularly go wild tonight or light up the stat sheet but it was good to see him come full circle from what we saw a year ago. He missed a few threes tonight. His shot wasn't on but he's going to be asked to be a pick-and-pop shooter this season. Jones is in there to knock them down. 


Isaiah Moss and Maishe Dailey barely played. Those are two that don't appear to be in the rotation, at least at this point. Dailey can probably expect a redshirt, just like Riley Till. Ryan Kriener and Brady Ellingson sat out with injuries. So the only real scoring off the bench came from Ahmad Wagner (only 3 points), Jordan Bohannon (8 points), and Cordell Pemsl (6 points but was 8th on the team in minutes. I should note Pemsl played well enough to probably deserve an uptick in minutes going forward. He just needs to finish around the rim with a little more regularity. 


He not only was making shots from unreal distance, he was letting the Regis players know that he was as well. One of his threes came with him still having a foot on the tiger hawk at center court. His distance is phenomenal. The ball handling looked a little better than it was a year ago. That will allow him to create more separation for his shot if that is a true improvement. Jok can get buckets anywhere on the court. It might not matter how many people are guarding him. 


They may be defensively challenged at times and in some areas. They may not have anyone that can fill it up off the bench other than Bohannon. Rebounding on the defensive end could be an issue. Turnovers could happen and creep up in big numbers at times because of how young they are. But the athleticism is off the charts. They are fast. They are fearless. They're a young team with a ton of potential that hasn't figured it out. I think they're still working out lineup combinations and rotations as well. One combo I liked was Williams/Jok/Baer/Cook/Pemsl. It was very effective on both ends. 


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