Melloy Emerges at Wide Receiver

Matt Melloy walked on at Iowa after playing in a run-oriented attack at Mount Pleasant High. The 6-3, 200-pound sophomore wide receiver has turned enough heads in camp to earn a No. 2 position on the depth chart. Get a closer look at one of Iowa's rising talents.

How did you end up at Iowa and did you have offers to play elsewhere?

MM: Coming out of high school, I got offered by Truman State and Western Illinois. I got offered to walk on at a lot of places, but I've always been a Hawkeye fan and I always wanted to be a Hawkeye. I guess I thought coming out of high school that the best option for me was to give it a shot. I would have always wondered "What if?" if I didn't.

What gave you the confidence to turn down scholarship offers to walk on at Iowa?

MM: I figured that I could work hard. I knew I had the talent. I was hoping that if I worked hard, they would give me a chance here.

What kind of offense did the coaches run at Mount Pleasant?

MM: Well, I'll tell you Mount Pleasant doesn't pass the ball very much. We were mostly a running team. Coach (Bob) Jensen managed to throw a few balls my way at least a few times a game.

What type of speed do you have?

MM: I ran the 40 in 4.81 this past spring, but I was coming off of a sprained ankle. So, I wasn't at my full speed. I feel like I can run with anybody out there. I might not be as fast as them, but I'm fast coming in and out of my breaks. There's other ways of making up for the lack of speed.

What are your best attributes?

MM: I feel like my best attribute is probably my hands. I have great confidence in my hands. And I'm bigger than most receivers and most DBs. So, I'm more physical than them. I can push them around more than they can push me around.

How much time do you spend on route running and technical aspects of your game?

MM: This past summer I would come out after we'd work out. I'd work extra with the quarterbacks. I worked on running my routes and coming out my breaks more. It's helped quite a bit.

A lot of people are wondering what follows a Heisman runner-up at quarterback. What can you tell the fans about Nathan Chandler?

MM: I'll tell you what, Nathan is a great quarterback. He's not as mobile as (Brad) Banks, but I really think that he's going to get the job done. The whole team has confidence in him that he's going to get the job done.

Did you feel the tempo of the offense pick up during the second half of camp?

MM: I think so. Coach kept on reinterating that we needed a higher tempo to make sure we were ready for Miami of Ohio because they're going to be a great challenge. I think we stepped up and practiced with great tempo towards the end of camp.

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