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Iowa Basketball: Hawkeyes Rout Tigers - Dylan's Takeaways

Iowa blew the Savannah State Tigers out on Sunday afternoon inside Carver Hawkeye Arena. Here are the takeaways from their second win of the season.

Sharing is Caring

The Hawkeyes did a great job of playing unselfish hoops. They were faced with a zone from the Tigers along with a zone press. They did a marvelous job breaking the pressure with crisp passing and very little dribbling. That's the key to beating an active zone. The two point guards, Jordan Bohannon and Christian Williams did a heck of a job. The duo combined for 11 assists and just one turnover. Even Nicholas Baer was sharing at a high level, the sophomore finished with 6 assists and no turnovers.

Iowa assisted on 17 of their 20 field goals in the first half and finished the contest with 33 assists on 42 made hoops. They did a good job playing as a team and finding the open guy.

Rebounding Struggles?

I've heard from some of you that share a concern with me about the rebounding part of Iowa's game. They aren't as big as they were last year, so there is cause for a little bit of concern. The Hawkeyes were beat on the glass in the first half 26 to 18. We saw right away that that was an emphasis during the halftime speech. Iowa was active on the glass right from the get go in the second half and finished +12 in that category for the entire game.

This will be something to watch as we progress through the rest of the season and into Big Ten play, but the Hawkeyes did a good job adjusting at the halftime break.

Ahmad Wagner and Cordell Pemsl led the way with 9 rebounds a piece. 

Chuck It Up!

When the game concluded I kind of looked at my stats screen and on it I saw that the Hawkeyes attempted 43 three point field goals. I whispered to some other media members asking if that was a lot, because I felt like it was. They shared my thoughts. The 43 three point attempts is a new record at Iowa and you could tell they were well on their way to shooting that many after their first nine shots were three point field goals.

Peter Jok chucked up 10, Isaiah Moss had 9, and Jordan Bohannon and Brady Ellingson each attempted 6. The Hawkeyes hit on 42% of those three pointers, but man they were just letting it fly. Fran McCaffery did state that he would have preferred a little more of a mixture, but his guys were open and the team does have excellent three point shooters.

Going forward, I expect Iowa to shoot a lot of three's, but maybe just not as many as they did tonight. 


This kid has been better than advertised early on here. He had 18 points, 9 rebounds, and didn't miss a shot in the game this afternoon. He does such a good job of using his big body to his advantage. He doesn't rush anything and just lets the game come to him. 

I remember one play in particular where he got the ball on the low block, but did not have quite the angle that he needed. Usually a freshman would try to force something up, but Pemsl kicked it back out and reposted to where he had the defender pinned so deep that there was nothing he could do except foul, which he did. Pemsl made the bucket and drilled the free throw. It's such a simple move, but it doesn't make it less impressive.

I wasn't sure entering the season if he'd quite be ready to contribute right away, but he is proving that he'll be ready when Iowa's games get a little more difficult.


The redshirt sophomore has been through a lot in his first couple years as a Hawkeye. He battled injuries in his first season and saw his minutes dwindle last year as the year progressed, but McCaffery is a big fan of what Brady is doing. He could have easily given up when he saw his minutes disappear last season, but Fran states that he just kept battling.

He led the team in scoring with 23 points, 21 of which came in the first half. He was incredibly efficient from the floor, played smart, and took advantage of his opportunities. I came away extremely impressed with how he played tonight.

He was 7-9 from the field, 4-6 from three, and 5-5 from the free throw line. He did have a game similar to this one during last year's non-conference slate, but he did some great things tonight. He was also exceptional on the defensive side of the ball.


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