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Virginia 74 Iowa 41: Dylan's Takeaways

Iowa took on Virginia in the semi-finals of the Emerald Coast Classic last night. Things did not go as planned for the Hawkeyes.

Showed Their Youth

This was really the first time the Hawkeyes showed how young and inexperienced they are. Virginia came out calm, took what Iowa gave them, and executed to perfection. Much like Tony Bennett coached teams do. The Hawkeyes turned it over 18 times in the game, took way too many jump shots, and rushed a lot. 

It came down to things that are fixable, but it's just going to take some time. A majority of the turnovers came from just trying to play too fast, knowing that Virginia's defense is as suffocating as it is. 

It doesn't help that Virginia starts four upperclassmen, including a point guard who has been a four year starter in London Perrantes. Experience usually trumps youth.

Frontcourt Turnovers

Dom Uhl and Tyler Cook combined for 9 of Iowa's 18 turnovers. Whenever the Hawkeyes entered to the low block, Virginia rotated a defender over for a double team. Well, Uhl and Cook did not handle that well. Fellow front court mate, Cordell Pemsl, also turned it over 3 times, so it wasn't just one guy. 

Bottom line here is, Iowa won't see another team play that kind of in-your-face defense the rest of the season. There is a reason Virginia is considered the best defensive team in the country and they showed us why all night last night. 

They played a very disciplined game and the Hawkeyes simply did not. 

Doesn't Determine Rest of Season

It's the fifth game of the year. Experienced teams do that to young teams. The Hawkeyes struggled, but they will get better from this loss. This wasn't a case of the Hawkeyes not being a good team, they are. Virginia is just among the elites. And Iowa doesn't matchup well with elite teams right now. 

This game is going to help the young Hawkeyes a lot as they mature and progress through the rest of their season. It'll start later today when they take on a good Memphis team in the third place game.

Chance to Turn Trip Around

Realistically, I don't think many people figured Iowa was going to beat Virginia. However, the nice thing about these early season tournaments is you have a chance for a quick turnaround and you can erase everything from the day before. The Hawkeyes get that chance today against Memphis. 

If they can defeat Tubby Smith's Tigers, they could come back to Iowa City feeling much better about themselves as opposed to if they'd just gone to Charlottesville, gotten thumped, and then had to come back. Plus, the nice weather probably helps, too!

Iowa matches up well with the Tigers so the third place game should be a fun one down in Destin.

Youngsters With Valuable Minutes

Sometimes you have to get blasted by a team older and better than you. The best part about it is, in a few years, the Hawkeyes will probably find themselves in Virginia's shoes as opposed to their own on Friday night. Iowa's young guys played valuable minutes against the Cavaliers. Tyler Cook played 29 minutes and he's going to become a better post player after last night. Christian Williams played 22 minutes and Jordan Bohannon played 23 at the point guard spot.

Cordell Pemsl even played 17 minutes. These minutes are going to be so important late in the year because when we get to late February and early march this team shouldn't contain a bunch of freshman anymore. They're going to grow up over the course of the year and if they continue to play these minutes, they'll be fairly experienced players towards the end of the season. 

Last night was important in the growth of Iowa's youngsters. 


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