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November Trend Meter on Iowa Recruiting

Where does Iowa stand with the top targets?


We'll start this out by covering the commits. Smith canceled his visit to Vanderbilt a few months ago. He's showed no signs of wavering ever since. Kelvin Bell conducted an in-home visit with him and his family last night. All signs point to this one being squared away and one of his high school coaches has confirmed that. The only thing that throws a wrench into things would be an offer from one of the in-state schools but there's no signs of that at this time.

He was offered by Michigan and almost visited but decided against it. Hankins then reaffirmed his status in the class and took his official visit for the Michigan game and called it one of his best visits ever. and Bobby Kennedy stopped by last night for an in-home visit. This one seems solid despite the exodus of the other players from Texas.

I have him in the class and think it gets sealed away after this weekend's official visit. Illinois and Minnesota are trying but I believe it will be to no avail.

Johnston hosted Seth Wallace on Monday night for an in-home visit. He has a set of grandparents that live in Cresco, Iowa and an aunt and an uncle that live in Cedar Rapids. The ties to Iowa are there. His official visit this weekend should only strengthen's Iowa's place in his process. I don't have him in the class, at least not yet. But this is more than realistic. The threat is Arkansas because of his relationships with that staff as well, being from the SEC, and having a brother that plays for UAB. Having a son at Iowa, despite the family connection, could make travel for his parents hectic. That is why most still think the Razorbacks are in the lead but he's giving Iowa every opportunity to win him over which is a good sign.

It's down to Iowa and Wisconsin. He was definitely leaning towards Iowa before his official visit to Wisconsin. The Badgers hit a home run with him while he was in Madison but the Hawkeyes responded with a home run of their own when he was in Iowa City for the Michigan game with his two junior teammates that have since been offered by Iowa. I think the Hawkeyes have resumed the lead here. He hosted the Iowa staff for an in-home visit last night. The belief is that he knows where he wants to go so I think we should know soon. I have the Hawkeyes winning out.

This recruitment has been one that has been on again, off again. With space being aplenty, it's back on evidenced by Phil Parker conducting an in-home visit with him on Monday night. I think that shows the Hawkeyes are serious again. I think he gets in if he wants in, otherwise he'll end up at Central Florida.


With Iowa losing Eno Benjamin and striking out so far on their other options at running back to replace Eno, I think he has a shot. Right now it's in a holding pattern but if we get close to February and there's not a second running back in this class, Soko becomes more and more likely. But until then, Iowa will see what kind of movement they can make with other backs most likely.

He's a wide receiver from Kansas City that is committed to Missouri. He'll take his official visit to Columbia this weekend where they will attempt to square it away and re-solidify his commitment. I don't think he's wavering but I think there's a bit of temptation on his part to check Iowa out. He camped at Iowa, visited Iowa, and liked the Hawkeyes quite a bit before Missouri offered. His teammate is Iowa commit Djimon Colbert. This one is tricky and not a certainty but I do think it is one to keep monitoring going forward. It's a delicate and tricky situation for Iowa but not impossible.

His younger brother Sean already has FBS offers. Dylan does not but he does hold preferred walk-on offers from Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Stanford and Texas. There's still a possibility that the Hawkeyes and Gophers could turn that into an actual scholarship offer. If it does, it probably comes later after Iowa surveys the rest of the field. He's an option as a defensive tackle in this class.

If they want another offensive lineman and come to the conclusion that they'll have space near the end, I think Niesen is in. But he'll have to wait and I think he's fine with that.

Nate Wieland is the quarterback at City High in Iowa City. He's a pretty good athlete committed to Northern Illinois. Iowa doesn't need a quarterback but they do need skill players on offense and he could be the next in a line of former quarterbacks that head to Iowa and end up at running back or receiver. It would probably happen late but don't completely rule him out.

Another Weiland and yes he is related to a former Hawkeye football player. This is somebody that I was thoroughly impressed by when I saw Washington play Bettendorf this season. I would not be surprised to see him as a late addition, either. He's just a football player and Kirk Ferentz and his staff do love those kind of guys. If space allows, he'd be a worthy candidate.


He took an official visit to Iowa. Chris White conducted an in-home visit with him last night. He's listening to Iowa and the Hawkeyes are giving it their best shot but he's been to Penn State a handful of times already and still will take an official visit there as well. I think the Nittany Lions get him.

Iowa offered and tried to turn to him after Eno Benjamin de-committed. It's not working as he is expected to remain with Pittsburgh.

He decommitted from Iowa because he wanted to take other visits. Corrales did that and earned an offer from Utah on his official visit to Salt Lake City. It seemed like him and the Hawkeyes could still re-connect at some point but that is looking less likely now. Iowa was in Texas to check out some underclassmen early in the week and to see commits Matt Hankins and Peyton Mansell. They did not go to see Corrales which is pretty telling where things are at right now between the two sides.

Did he wait too long on Michigan? Maybe. They do have a lot of good options at receiver so he needs to make a decision for the Wolverines sooner rather than later. A December official visit to Notre Dame has been set. If Michigan were to be out of the picture, the fact he will go to South Bend for a visit is not a good sign for the Hawkeyes in my opinion. If Iowa was a serious contender, they would be the option if it were not Michigan but he still seems set on checking out another option.

I think this one ended with the Chevin Calloway drama. He was a teammate of Calloway's and it might have gotten a little awkward and strange because of it. I don't think he'll be an option for Iowa moving forward.

He's an Oregon defensive tackle commit that was raking in new offers in October and November, including one from Iowa. He also received an offer from Michigan. The Hawkeyes have not become too involved here according to a source. The Ducks probably don't keep him but I don't see Iowa in his plans right now.

Iowa keeps hanging around a little bit and I think it's more of a 'just in case' situation. If the Hawkeyes were to strike out with Scotty Nelson, they are in position to make a move for Ben Stewart, the Boston College commit. He becomes a serious contender to be in the class but only if they miss on Nelson, in my opinion.

There's been no movement between Iowa and Dykstra which is surprising. I thought they could use another offensive tackle in the class with Brett Waechter having to end his career due to medical reasons. He seems open to other schools as he was going to take an official to Vanderbilt before his flight was snowed in at Sioux Falls. I'm still not going to rule it out completely but it's probably pretty telling that the Hawkeyes have not been recruiting him at all. 

That is a wrap for now but realize that there should be other names popping up.

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