Signed: Iowa OT Mark Kallenberger

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COMMIT DATE: March 31, 2016

LEAD RECRUITER: Brian Ferentz/Reese Morgan

EVALUATION: Offensive line development has always been one of Iowa's strengths and when you take that with Kallenberger's lean frame, the toughness and tenacity he plays with and still the room he has to get stronger, I think he could be a dominant tackle after a redshirt year. - Midwest Analyst Allen Trieu

RECRUITMENT: Kallenberger waited a little longer than Wirfs or Coons but he also was offered a bit later than they were. Still, it didn't take too much time for him to realize where he wanted to be and that was in Iowa City. He did give some consideration to Nebraska and Wisconsin, but the Hawkeyes won out for him fairly easily and he never wavered afterwards. He would have had an actual LSU offer as well, which did not go reported, if he was still an available recruit but he politely declined their pursuit. 

OUTLOOK: There could be a spot at offensive tackle open after Kallenberger's redshirt year. There could be a preference to play the Paulsen twins inside rather than out at tackle. Levi Paulsen is the only one of the twins that has broken through so far and they seem more comfortable with him at this point inside at guard. If that is the case, and with Myers and Boettger being gone in a year, Kallenberger could contend for a starting offensive tackle job as a redshirt freshman. He's skilled enough and gifted enough to do that. It could be a little bit of a stretch but it is within reach. There's not a lot of obvious replacements currently on the roster after Boone Myers and Ike Boettger leave outside of Alaric Jackson. I think Kallenberger plays soon and I think he'll be an all-Big Ten player, if not in the discussion on a national scale. 


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